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Thread: 1/06 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Just finished watching. LOVED IT, which is so odd because I don't cook, craft, sew, build, etc.

    The team dynamics were interesting to listen to.

    I'll keep oon watching. Don't have a favorite yet, although I'm not diggin' on Darlene.
    "Among the blind, the squinter rules." ~ Gerard Didier Erasmus

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    Well, that was fun. Tom was an @ss. His "speech" to the team before voting was ridiculous. Could he have been any more arrogent? Even the judges were exchanging incredulous glances, and then he tells everyone it's not *his* fault the soup sucked cause they were talking to him while he was making it and he didn't put enough squash in...ummm, ok, but who chose the fugly pot you kept it in, with splatterings up the sides and off the edge? Geez, guy, PRESENTATION!!

    As for Mychael, I think it is pretty obvious she can out-cook any of them, but they will vote her out tomorrow if she doesn't act like a team member. I agree, she did her job and by the sounds of the judges, she did it VERY well. BUT could she not have at least offered to help the rest of them when she was done?

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    This show looks like it's going to be pretty good to me too! I'll keep watching.

    Also, I didn't have a problem with the one woman going to sleep. I never could figure out why the contestants on these shows feel it's a good thing to stay up 24 hours. That makes people cranky and less effective the next day. It's better to get some sleep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TNKY
    Mycheal was the one who went to bed when the team was working. Yes, she is a good cook. But she didn't help out the team when she was sleeping. Then, she wanted her team to wake her up. That showed she wasn't a giving team player. Anyone can learn how to cook.

    To me, it seemed like she made major contributions and besides the main designer was the biggest asset to their team. ALL those dishes she cooked! I mean, that accounted for a HUGE percentage of their display and the judges obviously loved them. I was really amazed that she was able to cook so much. I think she was well entitled to 4 hours of sleep.

    I don't like Darlene. I would have liked to have seen Tom stay but he did shoot himself in the foot. He was right about the fact if they kept the other girl, her design style was too similar to the *other girl* (forgot her name). I think the team is going to be a little boring with him gone!

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    I think one of the things that I like about this show is that the losing team can't just vote strategically and eliminate the biggest threat. To be on the block, you have to have done one of the worst two individual projects on your team. That is what made Tom going after Darlene absolutely nuts. If it was the two of them on the block, then okay. Attack. What do you gain by attacking someone who can vote for you but you can't vote for?

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    Hi! I watched tonight, got hooked so I think I will stick around to see if Team Artisan gets completely eliminated before Crafty Beavers. I think they will.

    Tom really was an idiot to offer himself up as the sacraficial lamb. Dumb!

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    ref guy
    This will be the ultimate b*tchfest. These people are wicked with their own egos. I see the blame game getting to feverish levels

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    Mychael apparently cooks well enough to impress Flay, who looks like he might be the pushiest of the judges. This may keep her from getting put on the chopping block for a long time, even if the team doesn't care for her attitude.
    I didn't see where the signs they hold up to indicate who they're voting off came from, did they bring them with them from the house? If so the final speeches are just for show, as they can't change their votes...
    I'd like to see the beavers lose next week, could be some fireworks from a few drama queens on that team...

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    yeah, Mychael seems to have an attitude, but some of the other contestants are major divas themselves. The girl can cook, and that's all that matters (at least for now).

    Darlene is such a drama queen. Her exaggerated facial expressions and arm wailathons are over the top. Still, Tom was pretty rude the way he told Darlene that he didn't care if she came to his meeting or not. Calm down, sister!

    I was still hoping that Tom would stay, but after that stunt he pulled (going back on telling the others to vote him out), and not to mention that overly-pompous speech of his at "tribal council", I'm so glad that he was kicked out.

    Can't remember the girl's name, but the Texas girl that did the apple chandeleir is so far one of my favorites. I also liked the lady that won for best project with her groumet-apple and invitation.

    I wonder if the recipes and instructions on some of these projects will be posted on their website. It would be nice if they were.

    I'm hooked on this show, so I'll keep watching.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf
    was still hoping that Tom would stay, but after that stunt he pulled (going back on telling the others to vote him out),
    okay, that was Tom's way of saying I'm so above this show. Me being here is because I want to, not because I need to.

    good riddance

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