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    This was in today's paper. I was very impressed with what they set up. As some of you know, he is from one of the major hurricane damaged areas' in the state. The high school was almost completely destroyed and they are still trying to figure out a way to save the oldest building built in 1927 that was on the historical buildings list. Anyway, there has been much said, but not much done in the way of trying to raise funds to help the school rebuild and it was interesting to see that Tim and his family held the very first fund raiser for the high school last week during the airing of Wickedly perfect.

    Here's today's newspaper article.

    Fund-raiser proves Wickedly Perfect for CHS

    PUNTA GORDA -- "Wickedly Perfect," the reality TV show, just completed its third week on CBS TV's Thursday night lineup, featuring 12 contestants who are competing to be the next "Martha Stewart" -- including Tim Bell of Punta Gorda.

    Bell, a finish carpenter by trade, is now living in Hollywood and hoping to launch an acting career in the film and television industry. Although he is living and working on the West Coast, Tim is constantly thinking of his family and friends back home in Punta Gorda and pondering how he can help contribute to the rebuilding of the home town that he holds so dear.

    Taking Tim's lead, Dick Miller, Tim's personal manager for his acting career and who is also known for his ability to create major events at a moment's notice, made arrangements at a local restaurant to celebrate Tim's show. What started as a small gathering Thursday night, evolved into a major fund-raiser hosted by the Captain's Table restaurant, located at Fishermen's Village in Punta Gorda.

    Miller contacted the Captain's Table general manager, Pat Alese, who got the go-ahead from restaurateur Ron Evans, who quickly agreed to the restaurant's participation in the event, thus donating all of the food and proceeds for the Charlotte High School benefit. Tim's family, friends, fans and supporters filled the private dining room, each paying $15 a head to dine and watch local personality Bell on two large screen televisions as he competed in another challenge on "Wickedly Perfect."

    As the evening progressed, the crowd enthusiastically cheered for Tim each time that he was featured during the one hour broadcast. Martha McKenzie, Tim's mom, was thrilled to see the impressive turnout to support her son. Also on hand in the packed crowd of fans and family was Tim's dad, Dr. Tim Bell, who is a prominent Port Charlotte physician. Alumni of Charlotte High School, Dr. Bell was the class president in 1975 and Tim's mom, Martha (McKenzie) Bell, was a cheerleader. Dr. Bell stated that he was proud that "Timmy" (as he is affectionately called by his family and friends), wanted to help raise much needed funds to repair Charlotte High School.

    Even Tim's little step-brother, 6-year-old Matthew, joined in to help draw the winners of four door prizes donated by the Captain's Table. Two of the prizes were lunch certificates for $25 each, which were generously donated back to Charlotte High School by the winners, in keeping with the fund-raising theme of the night.

    As the broadcast came to a close, Miller's cell phone rang and it was Tim Bell, calling from Hollywood. The enthusiastic crowd cheered and screamed their approval of Tim's performance.

    Timmy was delighted to learn that $900 had been raised by his family and friends, and that Frank Jaworski of Northern Exposure Homes, Inc. of Port Charlotte had donated $500 to the fund-raiser. Northern Exposure happens to be the company that rebuilt the Captain's Table after Hurricane Charley severely damaged the eatery. Another altruistic benefactor, Kevin Dillon, and his wife Kimberly of Artistic Plumbing in Punta Gorda, generously contributed $200 to the evenings total, as the spirit of giving contagiously spread.

    Principal Barney Duffy of Charlotte High School was sincerely moved when Dick Miller officially presented him with the proceeds from the evening. Tim's fans were thrilled to see the results of the night's benefit, which was the first Punta Gorda fund-raising event for rebuilding Charlotte High School since Hurricane Charley.

    The hometown crowd watched as Principal Duffy thanked Tim via telephone. Mr. Duffy was visually emotional, as he expressed his gratitude to Tim Bell for Tim's concern and thoughtfulness in remembering Charlotte High School during its time of need. After speaking with Tim, Principal Duffy turned to Dick Miller and said, "Dick, you're a miracle worker. Thank you so much for what you've done tonight!"

    All totaled, Bell's fund-raiser brought in $1,600 for his alma mater.

    On Thursday, tune in to see the fourth episode of "Wickedly Perfect," which airs locally on WINK TV and nationally on the CBS Network at 8 p.m. Bell survived the cut in the third episode and will be featured once again next week! Way to go, Timmy!

    By DEBORAH MILLER, Sun Herald Newspaper

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    Well, bye bye Tim, we hardly knew ye..
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