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Thread: 8/23 Show **SPOILERS**

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    Re: 8/23 Show **SPOILERS**

    I went over to the Sci fi website and watched the 5 interviews Feedback has done with the eliminated contestents. Mr Mitzvah, is much more relaxed and accessible, unfortunately he is being double interviewed with Ms Limelight. That girl needs to slow down she talks waaaaaaaaay too fast. The Mind guy, is an arrogant freak and he will be having problems in the work environment and in future relationships. A joy to be around, .....NOT. If Basura and Whip Snap were as animated and outspoken on the show as they were in tehir interiviews they would still be on the show, enuff said.
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    Re: 8/23 Show **SPOILERS**

    I was surprised to find this show in the completed section...I thought when I saw that it had gone from the current list that it might have moved to "Other Reality Shows" since there are so few viewers posting. At least I found it and think it is funny that two of the shows I watch with ongoing episodes are in this category - Pirate Master and this one.

    Show Comments:

    Darn. When did the Robin wannabe HyperStrike begin to step up in the rankings? And when did Defuser begin to fade? I swear - Parthenon's shoulders-up pose must hurt. I recommend a long hot shower. Hygenia's glitter almost turned to Whip Snap type tears when she learned that not only must she face her fears, but overcome them.

    Crawling through a drainage pipe would terrify me if only for the claustrophobia, much less the critters (which I'm sure were wrangled, though I don't remember a credit for the wrangler or the statement that no "animals" were injured during filming. Oh well.)

    I don't know what to think of the show at the moment. I'm becoming annoyed with the enhanced production I liked up to this point. Next week we're to see the nefarious Dr. Dark "frankenstein" Stan Lee; so the superheroes will probably have to decide who is the "real" Stan; and whether the real Stan would send them off on a mission which could be evil. This whole thing may be a bit over-produced, then again, it could be interesting. Who will be too trusting and who will question the master Stan Lee.

    And where is his pencil?
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