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Thread: 7/26 Show Discussion

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    Re: 7/26 Show Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by Swingsongbird;2494354;
    I thought it sounded like she said she was 18 when someone in the group asked. When she was doing one of those private confessional things she said she may seem like an airhead but she got straight A's all the way through high school and college. Maybe she is acting dumb?? If she has already gone to college maybe she is hiding her true age........

    Never mind on the age thing. Her profile says she is 19.
    Limelight was having a conversation with Defuser when she said how old she was and he said she could be one of his daughters, cause he has 3 kids; the oldest I believe was 15.
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    Re: 7/26 Show Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by Bearcata;2494331;
    You would think by now that the superhero wannabes would understand that Stan Lee is looking for the Ultimate Boy Scout. If they behave like the UBS they will win this competition.
    I think the explanations for that knowledge gap is pretty simple.

    A lot of people, even comic book fans, didn't see the first season. Why would they submit themselves for the show then? A lot of reasons. Firstly, as we all know, a certain (large) percentage of Reality Show contestants are actors or wanna be actors. They cruise the trade papers and web for news of Reality show castings and submit themselves to every one. It follows that a certain percentage of this cast fit this profile. And those people, in fact, are MORE likely to act up, because they care more about the exposure than winning. Even a supposed "multi-millionaire" like Mr. Mitzfah is probably there to get his face recognized. I bet he's starring in his own infomercials about how he got rich by this time next year, whether he wins or loses this show.

    So its a combination of ignorance of the first season for some, actors acting up for the camera, and just plain getting fooled, I bet.

    And heck... come on. There are people who go on shows which have been around forever, like Survivor and America's Next Top Model, who still don't seem to understand what you have to do to win. So its no big surprise with THIS much newer show. And heck, you'd think EVERY person who signs up for Hell's Kitchen would drill themselves silly at home or work kitchens practicing making Risotto and Wellington... but they don't... So again, maybe something harder, like staying conscious of how Boy Scouty you are, is even more to ask.
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