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Thread: What would your superhero identity be?

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    What would your superhero identity be?

    Based on how I responded to the premier, I guess my superhero identity would be Super Logic Woman. What's yours?

    The little girl challenge was weird, because what kid her age would really go off with strangers, especially let a man in tights carry her in his arms? Why was that not called out as inappropriate? Although Major Victory was a hoot, the way he camped up his character. It was also funny that when she told the "heroes" she couldn't find her mommy, two of them responded with, "Where is she?" Lol, if I had been the girl I would have shot back, "If I knew that I wouldn't be lost, would I?" (I suppose they probably meant "Where were you going/Where might she be?" but they were not the best communicators!)

    I would want to use my super teaching powers to explain to her why that's not a good idea and show her how to think her way out of panic (assuming a real kid, not a set-up). I might also have prioritized and told her I was in a race and would be back in 2 minutes to help her. If she agreed I'd go on but if she were about to explode with panic I'd stay until she calmed down. I wonder how that would have flown with the judges? Would they see it as being able to assess multiple situations and come up with the best plan, or would they not appreciate thinking outside the box? I would want to teach the girl to help herself by realizing that she had it in her all along to figure out her mom would not be lost forever, forestalling panic, and to instill confidence once she is reminded that she knows how to find the right official, uniformed people to take her problem to. "Teach a man to fish..."
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    I also thought that if I was one of them, I would have told her that I would be right back to help her then finish the race and go back to get her.

    I think the way Major Victory swooped her up similar to the way its done in comics when a superhero is saving somebody, or if a fireman is carrying a child out of a burning building.

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    Sci-Fi's website has a "HeroMachine" that you could use to create your superheroes. In fact, we happen to be hosting a contest involving it right now!

    Read about it right here.

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    I created my superhero, but I can't find the save button. This is fun.

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    Harvest, I agree completely, and you sound like a nurse to me. assess, diagnose, check your options, plan, and implement There's been some serious lack of forethought showing on this show to date.

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