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Thread: Who Wants To Be A Superhero? - 7/26 Premiere Discussion **SPOILERS**

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    Who Wants To Be A Superhero? - 7/26 Premiere Discussion **SPOILERS**

    Here's a forum to discuss tonights premiere!

    Me? I liked the show a lot! It's cheesy in the good kind of way. Adults running around in long underwear and actually having to change quickly in public?
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    Notice most of the male heroes passed right by the lost little girl scenario, oops!

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    Wow, Stan Lee is a bit stiff in his delivery but what surprised me is how instense and natural the contestents are about their characters. They believe in them and come across very natural in how they portray themselves. Felt sorry for Levity for leaving so soon that stinks. That first challenge was a bit underhanded but it had to start somewhere. I liked the second challenge, looks as if Nitro G was sent home for both for changing in plain sight, talk about revealing your identity (isn' t that commandment number one in the superhero manual???) and for ignoring the little girl. I was surprised so many of the contestents did pick up on the little girl. Major Victory was a hoot the way he was showing off while running. I felt sorry for Feedback he seems so intense and this means so much to him.
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    This show is the cheesiest reality fun I've ever had as a summer couch potato! Thank you Max Headroom (oops Matt Frewer is on another SciFi show this summer)...I mean Stan Lee for trying to turn 3 dimensional humanoids into 2 dimensional cartoon super heroes. The homemade costumes are to cry for, and the lair in a run down building is gorgeous, and Rotiart who was revealed to be a traitor working to bring truth and justice to Mr. Lee managed to uncover a toy seller bent on making millions thus refusing him entrance to the Lair. This poor schmuck was made to strip off his costume in front of everyone and throw it into a beat up metal trash barrel. Then, as he stepped back, a badly timed lightening bolt hit the can and the costume burned up (I think.)

    OMG - this show is just so out there - I think I could become addicted. But, as I watch I must remember that this is SERIOUS!: no laughing, no drinking, no partying and no flirting! Darn I can't help it...especially when Fat Mama was sort of trotting across the esplanade and what looked like sugar spice donuts fell off the hooks on her belt one by one - priceless.

    Then there are the roof top cubes - one for each wannabe. The expulsion ceremony took place at night so the cubes were lit from within - quite dramatic. Stan Lee appeared as he always does by impersonating Max Headroom. This time from a giant billboard. Three wannabes who forgot super hero rule #1 (always help those in need) were called to stand on the red cubes and asked to justify their anti-hero behavior in that day's task. The whole hour comes down to grown men and women standing on glowing red cubes in super hero costumes and crying. Max takes their pleas into consideration then berates one of them, and another schmuck has to doff his costume pieces and throw them into the trash barrel where lighting once again consumes the evidence of his being. And Stan Lee bids us farewell til next time.

    P.S. If you are an action comic book fan, when they cut to commercial there is an action freeze frame that becomes a drawing - very interesting.

    P.P.S. The young girl with the fake crying and "I can't find my mommy" was so over the top...oops - I feel another laugh coming on...must suppress because this is SERIOUS.

    P.P.P.S. Thank you John for putting up this thread so I can share my non-super hero hilarity with someone. I can't wait to see if next week Fat Mama climbs the back fence and confronts the "vicious" dogs. After all...an old woman is locked out of her house...oops...another laugh escaped.
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    I love this show. I think it has an awesome prize! People can blow through monetary winnings ina heartbeat, but here they will be "immortalized" by the legendary Stan Lee. Wow!

    It's amazing how many adults spend their time and money dressing up in costumes with alter-egos, lol. I knew about Ren Faires, sci fi conventioneers, and battle re-enactors, but I did not know about the superhero wannabes. I thought they all seemed like the type who would live in Vegas. No surprise that one used to be a male dancer.

    The little girl challenge was weird, because what kid her age would really go off with strangers, especially let a man in tights carry her in his arms? Why was that not called out as inappropriate? Although he was a hoot, the way he camped up his character. It was also funny that when she told them she couldn't find her mommy, two of them responded with, "Where is she?" Lol, if I had been the girl I would have shot back, "If I knew that I wouldn't be lost, would I?" (I suppose they propbably meant "Where were you all going," but they were not the best communicators.)

    I would want to use my super teaching powers to explain to her why that's not a good idea and show her how to think her way out of panic! I might also have prioritized and told her I was in a race and would be back in 2 minutes to help her. If she agreed I'd go on but if she were about to explode with panic I'd stay until she calmed down. I wonder how that would have flown with the judges? Would they see it as being able to assess multiple situations and come up with the best plan, or would they not appreciate thinking outside the box? I would want to teach the girl to help herself by realizing that she had it in her all along to figure out her mom would not be lost forever so don't panic, and that she was able to find the right official, uniformed people to take her problem to. "Teach a man to fish..."

    Based on how I responded to the show, I guess my superhero identity would be Super Logic Woman. What's yours?

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    Freaking awesome show!!!

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    I liked it, too. At least for now, it's more about achieving something than about manipulating and backstabbing other contestants.

    I was amazed by how many of the contestants didn't realize that a crying child might just be part of a "superhero" test for them.

    Aside from So You Think You Can Dance and Treasure Hunters, this is the most enjoyable reality show I've seen in years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearcata View Post
    I was surprised so many of the contestents did pick up on the little girl. .
    It just seemed so glaring that you'd think they'd all stop for the girl. Stan had been saying that the most important part of a superhero is their heart, and yet by passing up the girl just to complete their supposed mission they were showing that they didn't have that.

    Nitro G was by far the worst. He didn't do a single thing right and then started laughing as Stan told him why he was being put in the bottom 3. So unlike alot of reality shows they started off really well with picking the right person to be kicked off first.

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    I thought it was great! Going by the first challenge, I can see Major Victory winning this show. When the others stopped for the girl, they pretty much dropped their character and just became nice humans helping a little girl. Major Victory kept up his camp identity, shouting out for the mother and carrying the girl, I've never laughed so much.

    Stan Lee was a little stiff with his role, hopefully he can relax a bit as the show goes on.

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    This show is awesome! I'm so glad I was able to catch a reairing of it. The whole show is flat-out entertaining. I can't remember when I smiled or laughed so much watching TV.

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