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Thread: Who Wants To Be A Superhero? - 7/26 Premiere Discussion **SPOILERS**

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    i can't wait for next week, testing our heroes courage by way of attack dogs is very fear factorish - i love it!

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    I can only remember 3 people actually trying to help the little girl, fat momma, guy in red tights, and the girl in the hooker vinyl outfit lol were there anymore?

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    Cell Phone Girl was the first to stop. She trotted past, then stopped and walked back to help.

    Fat Momma was next to stop. As soon as she saw the girl she went into mother mode.

    Lemuria stopped next (girl in the hooker vinyl outfit ). She immediately stopped, then looked longingly at the arches, then helped the girl, carrying her on her hip to the office.

    Major Victory stopped next. And was a true Superhero!

    Watching it back then, I noticed something that I didn't see the first time. When Lemuria changed into her costume, she got into a rubbish bin. But when she first went to get in to it, she tripped and her and the bin went flying

    And the females really need to lose the heels, they look ridiculous teetering along on them.

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    Oh man I love this show! Some of these contestants are so sincere. But dang, the girls need to lose the heels for sure. Not super-hero-y
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    I love camp.

    What a great show. I had tivo'd it and just got around to watching it last night.

    Major Victory - DJ, what a ham. My kids love him.

    Stan Lee - Wow, I have heard the term "He phone it in" but I had never actually seen it until now.

    Big Fat Mama - My kids love her.

    Iron Enforce - Hey let me walk around the streets with my big giant gun, no one will notice. Brilliant.

    Lemuria - One jump away from making it a showtime series.

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