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Thread: I love this show

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    I love this show

    finally a real reality show. At least I have something to watch along with Treasure Hunter. I watched my last episode of the fake Big Brother tonight and then I watched this show. I loved it. I always wanted to be a Superhero so I know how these guys feel. I thought Mr. Lee (I hate to say that, I love Stan Lee) made the wrong choice in his eviction, I would have evicted The Iron Enforcer. What kind of superhero kills people and ignores a child in distress? Anyway, I liked this show.

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    I love this show too, lonewriter. Not because I ever wanted to be a super hero but because I was truly entertained. I am looking forward to the coming challenges; however, I won't be able to contain my laughter. *sigh*

    Re: first eviction - I think Stan Lee was looking down the road at copyright infringement if the toy maker tried to sell action figures of his dolls. Surley what ends up as the comic book will no longer belong to the contestant. Anyway, the Iron Enforcer can be made to realize that Rule #1 is supreme (help those in need). He was already showing remorse by the time he stood on the red cube at the expulsion ceremony.
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    Oh no! I can't believe I missed the premiere of this. The convergence of comics and reality TV, two of my favorite things?

    I didn't even realize it started all ready. Thank God for recaps...although does anyone know if it will repeat? Hopefully, because it's cable, it will.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    check out Manny's repeat thread, Snowy!

    If you like comics, I think you'll really enjoy this show. It's great! I think another poster mentioned this, but I really love the way they cut to commercial by taking a freeze frame of the video and coloring it in like comic book art. It's great!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl View Post
    The convergence of comics and reality TV, two of my favorite things
    I agree, nothing can beat comics and reality TV! I didn't even know about the show until I was watching Comic Con last week on G4TV and Stan Lee was talking about it.

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    I love this show, too. I was hoping Iron Enforcer would go first, but it was obvious they have to keep him around for drama. Nitro G just wasn't good enough T.V.

    Can't wait for the next episode!

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    I think this show can beat other top reality shows

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    When I first saw the preview for this show, I though the reality show bin had finally reached empty, but I gotta say I'm hooked on this! This show has some of the best twist of any reality series.

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