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Thread: Major Victory

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl View Post
    Yes, I love that gleam.

    He's done a great job with all the challenges so far. I loved how he just walked through the last challenge with the angry guard dogs hanging off his arms like Christmas ornaments. And no matter what, he does everything with a smile!

    I hope he makes it far, if not wins the whole thing. (Also, in an odd way he reminds me of my husband... )
    That's cute. He's more like how I wish my husband would be. Tho, he's not too far off. He(MV) has a bit better comic timing that's for sure!
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    I do agree he's probably the most likeable character, but what was that whole bit about the dogs being 'sexy'? He's still got some of Creature's less than G-rated attitude showing though off and on.

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    It was sad to see him leave last night. It was nice of Stan to have MV's daughter call and reconnect with him. I liked his character, but was afraid he was getting to campy. Maybe he would make a better sidekick? As for the final two. Feedback should win, he wants it the most. FM has already said she didn't want it as much as FB.
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    For some reason I keep thinking of Gaston from Disney's Beauty and the Beast when I see Major Victory.

    He was an appealing character, but had to take this more seriously in order to win. He made a bit too many jokes, for a Superhero. Saving lives is serious business Plus, he couldn't seem to shake his stripper past. The moonwalking, posing, the "clothing removal" to paraphrase his buddy...

    But his concern for his daughter was touching, and seeing Stan Lee cry during MV's phone call had me choked up too.

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    I understand the criticism of Major Victory's commitment to Sparkle Motion--I mean SuperHero-dom! But I was still sooo upset to see him go. He was absolutely my favorite, but maybe it's because I love camp and high kitsch. He was such a character!

    As far as Disney movies go, Brandy, the character he reminded me of most was Buzz Lightyear. Yes, a bit of caricature, but there can still be a lot of heart in even a parody of a superhero.

    I shed a tear at the elimination when he was on the phone with his daughter. Best of luck to Chris Watters in whatever he pursues in the future. Maybe Stan Lee can hook him up with Stripperella. Excelsior!
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    I haven't been here in forever and I must say between him and Feedback they were my favorite. Major V was definately my favorite.

    He had the best character, funny, sexy (I thought so anyways), I thought he definately fit the part well!

    I was really pissed to see him go...fat Mama didn't really want to be on the show anymore and was willing to vote herself off...she should have done it...she's a wonderful person but doesn't seem like a great superhero.

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    I too was sad to see Major Victory go. From the moment he did his strippers moves after taking the little girl to the management office in the first episode, he had me. He had the best lines and made the first few episodes fun. As things have gotten more serious, he has been less funny and I have missed that. Best of luck to you Chris. You made the show for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl View Post
    Maybe Stan Lee can hook him up with Stripperella. Excelsior!

    Oh I'm with you - he was likable! I should clarify that he reminds me of Gaston in appearance. I was thinking he could always work at Disneyland or Universal Studios (well, not as Gaston there, but - some hero type) in one of their musical shows. Although not everyone would see that as a plus! In some ways it could be fun.

    I could also see him as a Prince Charming at Disneyland. He just has that very chiseled look, and perfect hair.

    I think he'd make a great sidekick! Very kitschy and campy. I'm eager to see who wins and what the show does from there. Interesting they have a Dvd out already! They must've had a hunch the show would succeed??

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