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Thread: The Winner Revealed *Spoilers*

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    The Winner Revealed *Spoilers*

    July 2, 2005 -- IN the end, the neighbors on ABC's controvercial reality show, "Welcome to the Neighborhood" rolled out the welcome mat for a white, gay couple and their young, adopted black son, say industry sources.

    The heavily promoted show was canceled this week just days before it was slated to debut after civil rights groups complained that the series' violated federal fair housing laws.

    On "Neighborhood," seven diverse families compete to win a 3,300-square-foot home located on a cul-de-sac outside of Austin, Texas. To take the big prize, they try to woo the three families already living there through a series of interviews and competitions.

    At the beginning, the residents already on the cul-de-sac say they are looking for a new family to be their neighbor who will fit in with the community's mostly Christian and Republican values.

    That the gay couple might have won is something of a surprise.

    In an early episode to discuss the wannabe neighbors, a heated argument erupts between the cul-de-sac adults and kids, who ripped their parents for being close-minded about gay people, according to sources.

    ABC officials have declined to say who won the grand prize, citing the possibility of airing "Neighborhood" sometime down the road.

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    Now I am wondering if the show should air. It is obvious that the families in charge did learn something from the expierence, and maybe others will too because of this show.

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    It's a difficult one, I'm torn as to whether i think the show should have aired or not.

    Ultimately it would appear that the residents cast aside their prejudices when making their final decision, but I imagine there were some unpleasant points along the way.
    Anyone not watching the show through to it's conclusion would not know what the residents did and would be left with a different impression.

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