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Thread: 5/27-5/28- Live Top 8 **SPOILERS**

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    Re: 5/27-5/28- Live Top 8 **SPOILERS**

    I posted an interview in his personal thread. Perhaps you could all move the conversation over there.
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    Re: 5/27-5/28- Live Top 8 **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by Jaceegirl View Post
    In case anyone missed it I thought I would post this. Blake Shelton hosted Healing in the Heartland, a concert to benefit those affected by the devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma earlier this month. I thought it was so nice that Usher wanted to be part of it as well, and that they brought their team members with them. Not sure how to post a picture, but there is one with all of Blake's team and Michelle from Team Usher talking to Rascal Flatts.

    The video is of Usher and Blake performing "Home". Seems like Usher and Blake are becoming good friends and after watching the concert I was again reminded how much music heals. There were some very touching performances during the one hour concert and how sad that Oklahoma was hit again last night.

    Usher and Blake Shelton - Home (HealOK) - YouTube

    Also, for fans of Judith Hill I saw her on the Today Show with Hoda and Kathy Lee. She said said that getting eliminated from the show was like a scene from the Hunger Games. She will be out promoting a movie "23 for Stardom, that's a documentary film about "unsung heroes and back up artists." She plans to get right into her record, for which she's already begun writing the music for. As for a record deal - she said "I'm in the talks."
    That was amazing. I love how their voices blended. Wow. Its gave me chills. I love me some Usher, so glad he will be back
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    Re: 5/27-5/28- Live Top 8 **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by Punkin
    Oh, my Lord, Sweetie! This 'City Girl' doesn't even know how to get my head around that! :>0 LOL
    Quote Originally Posted by Babbred
    I hear you! Hubby and I both grew up in one-stoplight towns, and brother, when we hit the big city as adults, we never looked back. We are thoroughly city people now. Or as my co-worker jokes, "I can never live in a place without a pizza delivery joint."
    LOL For the record, I do live in a city (pop.117,000) it's just that I am in between two major cities (Winnipeg & Toronto) so I do not get to see big name acts here at all. We are quite isolated but have all the major amenities. I'm sorry if I gave the impression that I live in an igloo or something because I do not and would not.

    Not sure where to put this, while I did not like these guys last season this video was hilarious. Loved when Robin and Pharrell did this on the show a couple of weeks ago.

    Shields Brothers parody of Blurred Lines
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    Re: 5/27-5/28- Live Top 8 **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by Misty8723 View Post
    I listen to a country radio station (not in Texas) while I'm driving, and I haven't heard them pick out one over the other as better. Usually they talk about Blake and will sometimes play clips of Blake and Adam bantering. I also didn't hear any flack about what Adam said. I would think most people would be able to realize what he meant by that and just get past it. I thought it was a dumb thing for him to say with the mike live, but I never thought he meant anything other than a comment on people not voting for his contestants.

    I take back what I said, then, Maybe its' just a local phenomena since Amber is from these parts. Although we are the second-biggest state in the union, so the other contestants could still be in trouble.

    And "wiped out" wasn't quite the right term. Maybe devastated? Whatever the term, it was an epic revenge by the ghost of Midas Whale. If I were Amber I'd be looking over my shoulder...
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