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This is nice. Read an interview of the final 6 and they asked Terry who he would like to bring to the show. 'The Voice' Top 6 artists talk after their latest playoff performances - National The Voice | Examiner.com

"Rather than a celebrity guest, Terry would prefer to reunite with some of his colleagues. "I was such good friends with Rudy Parris - I still am - and I love Rudy's voice," he said. "He's got great energy, he's a very kind guy. I would love to get on stage with him and actually share the stage with him. "Bryan [Keith] would be another one. Bryan's voice is so unique. I would love to bring Bryan back. "
As for Blake picking the Rod Stewart tune for him to perform, Terry said that he was thrilled as it was a song he would have chosen for himself. "It says a lot about how well we're getting on that he's apparently reading my mind on a daily basis, or he has enough money that he can buy a device to read my mind, which is possible. I know how they roll in Oklahoma," he quipped, before adding seriously, "I'm very happy with the song choice."
TeeHee! I just love Terry's sense of humour! Wish we could get longer confessionals or the backstage antics, they'd probably be hilarious.