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Thread: 12/3 & 12/4 The Voice: Season 3 Top 6 Round and Results!! **SPOILERS**

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    Re: 12/3 & 12/4 The Voice: Season 3 Top 6 Round and Results!! **SPOILERS**

    While I love Melanie and have from day 1, I think last night revealed that she may not be ready to go forward. Of course, voters may not care about that. She's original and personable. I know that's important. I think she has great potential.

    Amanda has never been one of my favorites. In fact, I don't connect with her at all. It seems like every move is planned, but last night her vocals were VERY good. I was impressed. For the second song, I closed my eyes and LOVED it. I just can't watch her. She deserves to be there, but I'm not sure she connects with people that much.

    Trevin blew me away last night! Forget everything I said before. He deserves to be there. He has a great voice.

    LOVED Nicholas. The guy and his voice appeal to me. I pray he makes it to the finals.

    LOVED Terry, but just wasn't feeling him last night. Glad he's doing well in Itunes. Good luck Terry.

    I did not care for Cassadee. Everyone tells me she is the best of the best and that she will win the whole thing. I don't get it. Nothing special and bores me. She would be my pick to leave tonight, except she's set to win it.
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    Re: 12/3 & 12/4 The Voice: Season 3 Top 6 Round and Results!! **SPOILERS**

    Just checked iTunes Top 100 (10 AM Central on Tuesday morning).

    Cassadee has #3 and #7l. She's probably moving on

    Terry #2 (I want to Know . . .) Nicholas #4 (Rainbow)

    Treyn #9 (And I Telling You)

    and Melanie #13 and #17

    I am resigned to Cassadee for at least another week. I sure hope Melanie's 2 top 20 tops Trevyn's 1 Top 10. I think Terry and Nicholas may be safe for another week, which suits me fine. I was rooting for an Amanda/Terry/Melanie/Nicholas Top 4, but just don't see that happening at this moment. I just feel those four are more unique than Cassadee, and I'm not sure Trevyn is not quite ready for the big time, though I do think Cee Lo will help mentor him, even after the show. Melanie's a bit young, too, but she's so cute and quirky that I can't help rooting for her, as well.
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    Re: 12/3 & 12/4 The Voice: Season 3 Top 6 Round and Results!! **SPOILERS**

    I have never watched any of them.I was expecting great things . Melanie, meh, I don't get why she was so good( pitchy) I did however think Trevin was very good , and Terry was okay But the others the dude with the long hair etc did nothing for me. I didn't recognize CA, I hated that band around her head and the giggling. -ugh
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    Re: 12/3 & 12/4 The Voice: Season 3 Top 6 Round and Results!! **SPOILERS**

    Clearly we here on FORT have oodles more intelligence, class and plain good taste than the average viewer out there in TV land I'm reading through the posts and it seems the majority of us favor (in no particular order) Terry, Nicholas, Melanie and Amanda. So how come it's entirely possible we'll be subjected to a Cassadee/Trevyn top 2? I get that these shows need all the 12 year olds to keep watching....I just wish they didn't dominate the votes
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    Re: 12/3 & 12/4 The Voice: Season 3 Top 6 Round and Results!! **SPOILERS**

    I don't know what to think about who may go home tonight. Didn't most of them end up in top 10 on iTunes? I'd like to see Cassadee and Trevyn go home, but I know that's not likely. I'm afraid for all my favorites (Nicholas, Melanie, and Terry).
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    Re: 12/3 & 12/4 The Voice: Season 3 Top 6 Round and Results!! **SPOILERS**

    I might be in the minority here, but I just don't get the Terry Love. He seems like he's straining so much while he is singing, he has no vibrato at all, so to me it's just not pleasant to listen to. He does stay on pitch consistently, but I just don't think he can sing. He's doing well so it's obviously just my husband and myself that feel this way, but oh well!

    I adore Nicholas even though I'm not into his type of music. His voice is unique and you can tell he is passionate about what he's doing. I think Amanda Brown is technically the best singer in the competition, and I can see her winning this and doing well. Cassadee? I think she's good, but she's generic. She sounds like everyone else out there with a good voice. Trevin also has a wonderful voice, but in my opinion only on ballads. I personally thought that Walking on Sunshine was so out of his wheelhouse that it was comical. There is nothing unique about him. He reminds me of Ruben Studdard who won the second season of American Idol. Great voice but no real personality, and where is he now....??

    I also cannot wait until Christina is gone. A family friend is a close relative of one of her 'team' in a previous season. When the cameras were rolling it was all about how important her team is to her, how much she loves them, etc. Apparently when this teammate got voted off she was instantly forgotten by Christina, so it's all an act. When she starts going on about set design it's because she has nothing good to say about the singer, and I think that's rude as hell. Doesn't she realize that when she's laughing you can hear crickets chirping in the studio? No one else thinks it's funny! It's also extremely selfish and arrogant to start singing TO the contestant in that fake all-from-the-throat voice like "This is the way you should do it". Poor Melanie was just standing there expressionless. She's not a power singer like Christina, she's an artist with a unique sound all her own. When I look at Christina now I think of Dolly Parton's quote "It costs a lot of money to look this cheap", but the difference is that Dolly Parton is a sweet, endearing personality and Christina isn't. She just looks like a cheap plastic Bitch Barbie.
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    Re: 12/3 & 12/4 The Voice: Season 3 Top 6 Round and Results!! **SPOILERS**

    Unfortunately, I think two of my favorites turned in the weakest performances - Nicholas and Melanie.

    Trevyn really brought it with his second song as did Cassadee. I loved Amanda's first song and both songs by Terry. I think those will be the final four.

    I've mentioned before that Melanie reminds me of Regina Spektor. After her build up in club concerts for her first two albums (including a piece on CBS Sunday Morning) she has pretty much disappeared. It will be Melanie's style that keeps her in focus, especially with the young girls. They may keep her in the spotlight beyond where her indie vocals will carry her.
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    Re: 12/3 & 12/4 The Voice: Season 3 Top 6 Round and Results!! **SPOILERS**

    iTunes Ranking:

    2. I Want To Know What Love Is (The Voice Performance) Terry McDermott
    4. Stand (The Voice Performance) Cassadee Pope
    5. Somewhere Over the Rainbow (The Voice Performance) Nicholas David
    7. I'm With You (The Voice Performance) Cassadee Pope
    12. And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going (The Voice Performance) Trevin Hunte
    14. Crazy (The Voice Performance) Melanie Martinez
    19. The Show (The Voice Performance) Melanie Martinez
    27. (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman (The Voice Performance) Amanda Brown
    35. Here I Go Again (The Voice Performance) Amanda Brown
    36. Stay With Me (The Voice Performance) Terry McDermott
    52. September (The Voice Performance) Nicholas David
    67. Walking On Sunshine (The Voice Performance) Trevin Hunte

    We know for sure that Cassadee is safe as she has 2 top 10 songs. We can say that Terry and Nicholas are safe too. And it's probable that Amanda and Trevyn are out. But that's only based on the Itunes rankings. If we look at their popularity...

    'The Voice' Top 6 poll: From DigitalSpy
    1. Amanda Brown (Team Adam)28.54%
    2. Cassadee Pope (Team Blake)20.51%
    3. Trevin Hunte (Team Cee Lo)13.50%
    4. Terry McDermott (Team Blake)13.25%
    5. Nicholas David (Team Cee Lo)12.36%
    6. Melanie Martinez (Team Adam)11.85%

    Then it should be Melanie and Nicholas going home.
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    Re: 12/3 & 12/4 The Voice: Season 3 Top 6 Round and Results!! **SPOILERS**

    I am SO ready for Trevin to go home. It's the same thing nearly every week - power ballads from female singers. Any time he's stepped away from that, he's not very good. He has a terrific voice, but he's not ready yet. He needs some time to find his own style. That being said, I fear Melanie is going home this week Sad, because she's so unique and special. Amazing in someone so young.

    I actually really like Cassadee, although I'm pulling for Terry and Nicholas. Amanda just does nothing for me
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    Re: 12/3 & 12/4 The Voice: Season 3 Top 6 Round and Results!! **SPOILERS**

    I don't want Cassadee to win. Trevin can leave tonight, for sure.

    Melangel <333

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