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Thread: 11/7 The Voice: Season 3 Live Playoff Rounds!! **SPOILERS**

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    Re: 11/7 The Voice: Season 3 Live Playoff Rounds!! **SPOILERS**

    He'll be so much better once he gains some confidence.
    Count your blessings!

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    Re: 11/7 The Voice: Season 3 Live Playoff Rounds!! **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by canadian_angel View Post
    I thought it was a quietly brilliant performance.
    Well said Definitely best of the night IMO.
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    Re: 11/7 The Voice: Season 3 Live Playoff Rounds!! **SPOILERS**

    Well tomorrow's the result show and Maroon5's performing.

    Who's going to stay and who's going to get the boot?

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    11/7 The Voice: Season 3 Live Playoff Rounds!! **SPOILERS**

    Loves me some Nicholas. That is all.

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    Re: 11/7 The Voice: Season 3 Live Playoff Rounds!! **SPOILERS**

    LOL! My husband loves Nicholas too.

    Our DVR is back up but I missed watching live with you guys, Monday was fun. Tonight Sylvia was the most memorable for me. I loved her quiet moments with the piano. When she raised her hands up to her face and the piano kept playing that was a bit odd though.

    Overall, I noticed all of the contestants looking a bit more polished this week, like they had a makeover or image consultant. Everyone looked great with nice hair and make-up, even Nicholas' beard was neat. The cowboy that did George Michael looked especially good. Still, what is up with the Peruvian guy's clam diggers and floodpants?
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    Re: 11/7 The Voice: Season 3 Live Playoff Rounds!! **SPOILERS**

    I didn't see tonight's episode so I can't really guess. All I know is Trevicus is moving on.

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    Re: 11/7 The Voice: Season 3 Live Playoff Rounds!! **SPOILERS**

    For some reason my DVR only recorded a few minutes of The Voice. I would have to watch the rest on the site tomorrow. I only got to the part when Mackenzie was singing then my DVR stopped recording the rest. That Sucks!

    Anyway judging by what I've seen and heard at that point. I think Debrah and Diego will go home. Their voice are just not up to par. I don't even know how they got this far.

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    Re: 11/7 The Voice: Season 3 Live Playoff Rounds!! **SPOILERS**

    ITA - Diego is a definite to go home. Ceelo must have been going for a team that the teeny bopper girls would squeal over and vote for (well with the exception of Nicholas - I think he just fell in love with him!). Diego was a definite misfire for him. Mackenzie is on the fence...very much a one trick pony to me. I know everyone loves Trevin...and he's good definitely and of course will move on. But when something is pushed in my face so much and so hard? I tend to have the opposite reaction -very nice voice, but it's all been ballads....pleasant, but that's it for me.

    Christina's team? Dez is safe. ....so I'm guessing Devin or Adriana is in trouble - I thought both of their songs were hot messes. I liked Sylvia's song but honestly thought it was going to be much more. De'borah? oh my. I don't know about her. She has a decent voice, but so do a lot of people. The "dance" moves? Bizarre and not in a fun way - it's honestly uncomfortable to watch her sometimes.

    does anyone have any iTunes numbers yet? should be interesting!
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    Re: 11/7 The Voice: Season 3 Live Playoff Rounds!! **SPOILERS**

    I'm not getting De'borah. I liked her early on, but the last two performances, her voice sounded like it wasn't with the music or was off key or something. I'm just not sure what's wrong. Maybe it's just me.

    Loved the girl at the piano. Her voice impresses me.

    Blake's team is impressive IMO.

    REF. Maroon 5 performing. I'm not knocking Adam. I like the guy and his music, but I can't help but wonder about his success in the music industry. I think he was VERY lucky to get where he is right now. I'm amazed at how far you can go with mediocre vocals. Does anyone else feel that way? Adam admits his limitations all the time, so I guess it's no secret.
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    Re: 11/7 The Voice: Season 3 Live Playoff Rounds!! **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by Cornholio View Post
    LOL! My husband loves Nicholas too.

    Still, what is up with the Peruvian guy's clam diggers and floodpants?
    LOL! At least it wasn't just me who was thinking that!

    My favourite performances of the night were Cody and Trevin. Never really cared for the screamy/shouty Trevin but last night he sang beautifully and full of soul. Cody also surprised me as he was so sophisticated and suave.

    Overall, it was a very good night for Team CeeLo and XTina. Is she competing with that bead-headed lady on DWTS with the hair adornments?

    De'Borah did alright, but the singing/dancing in the middle part of the song was not all that great.

    Sylvia was good, that girl can siiing.

    Love Nicholas! I hope he goes through.

    Dez is getting so much better. What I really, really liked about him last night was the fact that he seems to not want to get compliments on his looks but his singing. He didn't smile when something was said about how he looks but lit up when his talent was recognized. What a sweetheart.

    Wasn't impressed with Mackenzie or Devyn. Think that she will be one of the two who will go home tonight.

    As for Team CeeLo I think Diego is going home but not sure who else is. (Please save Nicholas if he wasn't voted through CeeLo.)

    I wonder if the new rule is in place tonight and the bottom 4 vote getters, regardless of team will be leaving?

    Oh and I was happy to see that Purrfect made an appearance again!
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