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Thread: 4/16 The Voice 2: Performance Show **West Coast Spoilers**

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    Re: 4/16 The Voice 2: Performance Show **West Coast Spoilers**

    When my family and friends watch singing competition programs now, we often pick out those that have great voices and count them out. IT seems that those with the great voices are often casted aside. The odd, poor, weak, or as it is often described "Unique" voice seems to be more highly prized on these programs. LOL I'm not kidding.
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    Re: 4/16 The Voice 2: Performance Show **West Coast Spoilers**

    I like a wide range of vocal settlings, My family and friends think people with unique but good voices get cast aside, though. Bob dylan would be thrown out on his ear along with Etta james. Billie holiday and gram parsons. they all had or have unique voices that appealed or appeal to a wide range of folks. we can all argue the point as to whether their voices appeal to us on a personal level, but it can't be denied their presence and way with turning a phrase and emoting left positive influences that have left long term impacts on the musical community overall. but they wouldn't make it past the first round of most shows now. I'll throw in Neil young, too along with tom petty, nicco, johnny cash and hank Williams. on looks alone most wouldn't be let past security in some of these shows. or once picked on the voice they would be weeded out for any number of trite excuses which none of the judges would admit to as they would babble along non-sensibly to cover the truth.
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