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Thread: 3/12 The Voice 2: Battle Round #2 Show Discussion

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    Re: 3/12 The Voice 2: Battle Round #2 Show Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by CrazyDutchWoman View Post
    Why do they keep doing it. When performing they crouch and it appears that they have belly aches. I did notice that a few did not do it.
    The people that have more self esteem? Geoff? I know that Juliette did not crouch (Not a fan especially after she said she was prettier)
    A few of us discussed this a week or so ago. Robin Thicke advised one of the contestants not to double over when singing "Beautiful Day," but to throw his arms out to show his joy over the beautiful day. It was amazing how much difference that made. I can't remember if the guy did use that advice, but I think he was still doubled over a lot. IMO, it's an insecurity, like they're trying to protect themselves such as people do when they cross their arms, instead of boldly opening up and making themselves vulnerable.

    I am liking the battle rounds less and less. Instead of really getting a feel for how much talent somebody has, we're really only hearing somebody sing a few lines off and on. I'd like to be able to turn my head and listen instead of watch, but then I don't know who is singing. And then sometimes it seems to really be a battle more than a performance. I'd rather see and hear a performance.
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    Re: 3/12 The Voice 2: Battle Round #2 Show Discussion

    Lee totally got screwed over- Huge dissapointment in the judges choice. My husband, who doesn't know the song thought Lindsay sounded very insecure and uncertain in her delivery. she didn't understand the songs meaning and was afraid of the words and the uncomfortable emotional weight they carried. Whereas Lee got it and was successful in taking the advice to pronounce his words and he was confident in his delivery and that read as understanding on an emotional level what he was singing and emoting. I felt the judges chose a little girl playing dress up over an adult who was able to legitamatley interrprut an adult, dark song in an honest, from the gut, personal way.
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