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Thread: 2/5 Premiere Season 2

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    Re: 2/5 Premiere Season 2

    I dont care for her at all. Thats why its best I record it. I an FF through it
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    Re: 2/5 Premiere Season 2

    I don't think Tony Lucca looks anything like he did as a teeny bopper.....not to mention his sound is so much different than what was on MMC

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    Re: 2/5 Premiere Season 2

    Grrrr. My DVR chopped off the first singer due to the Superbowl.

    So glad this show is back! I love it more than American Idol and definitely more than that trainwreck Simon came up with. I love the judges and their banter here. Well, I take that back. I love three of the judges--Adam's cute, C-Lo's funny, and Blake is cute and funny. Xtina, though, just gets on my nerves sometimes, like last night when she kept accusing Adam of being an attention hog. Pot calling the kettle black here? I also loved the level of talent. The contestants on this show blew AI out of the water, so I'm looking forward to hearing more of them.

    With that in mind...

    The second guy didn't really grab me. He just reminded me too much of Xavier--African-American guy with cute family, sad story, and nice voice. And since I never particularly liked Xavier (I was a huge Dia fan), well, then, I wasn't enamored of this guy.

    Loved the rocker chick.

    It's funny, because I love classical music, but I didn't like Chris. Although he might have been good technically, it just didn't "grab" me. However, that's probably because I'm used to hearing the luscious Andrea Bocelli sing that song. Maybe Chris will grow on me. I hope so. There could be a big crossover career for him just like Bocelli and Pavarotti. (In the music video for Bocelli's version, it was filmed at a live concert and you can see the women swooning over him. Maybe Chris could learn that milk that sex appeal.)

    And I, too, was disappointed that Christina didn't remember her old friend. I must say, though, that he didn't really grab me, either. Again, just too ordinary.
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