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Thread: Live Show 6/14- **SPOILERS**

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    Re: Live Show 6/14- **SPOILERS**

    I actually agreed with Blake picking Xenia. His reasoning made a lot of sense. Xenia has an amazing voice but so lacking in confidence but with the right coaching she can do very well. Blake obviously wants to coach her, she has raw talent, very inexperienced unlike Jared and Patrick. I for one is looking forward to hearing more of Xenia as I know she will grow. I am very happy that Dia, Xenia, Frenchie and Beverly were the pick. Tonight, Vicci, Casey and Colon were my pick to go forward.
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    Re: Live Show 6/14- **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by canadian_angel View Post
    Is it just me or is this really bad?
    I thought Devin was really off too...ouch.

    Just noticed that Xtina has 2 talented ladies in their 30's, probably older than she is, who are both bald...who would have guessed during the first show......gotta love it! ;D
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    Re: Live Show 6/14- **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by mandmmom2 View Post
    Xenia has a great unique voice which may be the reason he picked her...
    Yep, if the coaches are truly trying to win Xenia is a real long shot but has by far the most likely to improve with experience which makes her a risky but potentially big pick. She has the voice she just needs to project it and show some attitude both of which come with experience.

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    Re: Live Show 6/14- **SPOILERS**

    I don't get the hoopla over Beverly. I don't think that she is all that great....
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    Re: Live Show 6/14- **SPOILERS**

    Wow. Xenia over Jared? Definitely did not see that coming. Blake, I have lost my respect for you. Total contrast to Xtina, who made great choices and made it clear that she's out to win.

    Only performances that stood out for me tonight were Vicki and Nakia's. LOVED Vicki. She was the best of the night for me. I hope she gets the lead vote.

    Didn't like Nakia's choice of song, but it was a great performance. I hope CLo picks him to go through with Vicki.

    I love the song "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy." However, the Thompson girls did not do it justice. Listening to that song should make you want to get up and do the Jitter-Bug. Listening to them just made me wish they would hurry and finish.

    Felt the same way about Curtis. I thought that song would never end, and it seemed like he just repeated the phrase "addicted to love" over and over. Yawn.

    Team Adam:

    Liked Casey and "Cherry Tree," but Katherine McPhee's will always be the best cover of that song for me.

    Can't remember much about poor Devon.

    I love the song "Jesus Take the Wheel" but it just wasn't right for Jeff.

    Javier has a great voice, but that song is almost becoming a cliche now. Every time I hear it I see the Humane Society commercials in my head.

    Hard to tell for Adam's team. He'll probably pick Casey and Javier, but then I felt sure Jared would get picked, so what do I know?
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    Re: Live Show 6/14- **SPOILERS**

    The standout performances for me were Vicci and Javier, but I didn't mind Casey and Jeff. Casey has a very interesting voice but that song didn't show case it at all.

    Country dude has a very nice voice, but that song choice was disastrous. CeeLo didn't pick great songs for his team.

    I'm totally happy and behind Team Blake, but wished that he could have kept Jared too. Xenia has such a unique tone and quality in her voice and Blake recognizes that. She is a work in progress and no one else who is currently making music sounds like her, or at least no one I've heard. I like her version of Price Tag better than the original.

    As for Team Adam, again it's another "why can't he keep 3?" Not looking forward to that elimination as I wasn't looking forward to this weeks. But I think Jeff is the weaker link on that team, so it should be Casey and Javier. I hope.

    I'm enjoying this show so much more than Idol and can't figure out why. Perhaps it's the coaches involvement and strategy as well, IDK.

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    Re: Live Show 6/14- **SPOILERS**

    Christina has the weakest team but she made the right choice for her team and picked the two that stood out a little more.

    Blake chose the right person, Xenia is unique while the Vanilla Cowboy is pretty much like every other Vanilla Cowboy out there singing today. That kid was boring! I don't even remember the other guy on his team. I thought the night of the show that the two girls sounded the best and were the most unique, glad to see they made it through.

    The duo should have never made it to the voting show, hoping they get sent home ASAP.
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    Re: Live Show 6/14- **SPOILERS**

    Suprised that Blake picked Xenia. Why does everyone think Blake would pick Jared? I thought he would pick Patrick if America didn't vote for him only because Blake only knows how to coach country singers. I got the picks reversed though I thought America will vote for Frenchie and Xtina will save Beverly, and also thought that America will vote for Patrick while Blake will save Dia.

    Next week, will be more voting. Does that mean that all 8 of tonite's contestants will have to have a song ready and rehearse for next week since they will not know if they made it until the next live show?

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    Re: Live Show 6/14- **SPOILERS**

    Christina was scaring me with her choice of clothing tonight... everytime she leaned forward, I was afraid she'd lose a puppy. She's definitely team bald all over the place tonight.

    I loved that Blake picked Xenia. He's back on my love train (btw, LOVE your av, taracran!) His smartest choice may have been Jared, since he stands out as the only true rocker on the show, but he's throwing the dice with Xenia. Also, he obviously was checking the downloads and knew Xenia was more popular in that manner than the other two. America is behind this shy (terrified) little girl with the unique voice, and he knows it. Yay Blake!

    Javier was the only real standout for me (but I missed Vicki ) It's his to lose, maybe. I was really disappointed with Devon, he was so off key half the time... I was hoping for better. The song for Nakia was an awful choice as it didn't highlight his strengths... he was screaming most of the time. With four girls already through, I suspect we may see a number of guys make it next week.

    Best overall group number: Ceelo. I really adored that he didn't take it all too seriously.

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    Re: Live Show 6/14- **SPOILERS**

    I didn't watch the whole show but did see the girls doing Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy... Really didn't like their rendition of it. I like the original song as well and they just didn't have the energy or excitement with it.

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