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Thread: Live Show 6/7- **SPOILERS**

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    Re: Live Show 6/7- **SPOILERS**

    I agree about the Heartless comments. The judges were saying how unique it was, and I was there sitting there thinking, Hello... Kris Allen anyone?? I also thought Kris did a much better rendition, although I do love Dia and her voice.

    Talking about Xtina - I too think she's coming off as bitchy. I made a comment about this earlier during the first rounds when she was fighting for various singers to join her team over other judges, in particular Adam. If you have to put down others to try to prop yourself up, or your team, then that is very telling that you really aren't as good as you may think you are. Either that, or she has some insecurities that are starting to show. Either way, I wish she'd stop trying to slam the other judges, it's just making her look bad.

    Loved that Blake's team performed a Maroon 5 song. Adam's face was priceless when he realized they were doing one of his songs. No offense to Blake, but Adam does a much better job of it lol. Maybe Adam will return the favor and have his group do a Blake song this coming week.
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    Re: Live Show 6/7- **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by PhoneGrrrl View Post
    I just felt it was filler. I won't be recapping what goes on in the v-room or whatever they call it, unless something truly worth mentioning happens. A bunch of contestants fiddling on tablets in a product placement piece doesn't interest me, nor do I think it interests anyone. It lends a cheesiness to the show that it doesn't need. It's like Project Runway when they show the fabric design computer systems. Yea, great, they exist. I'm sticking with my reliable laptop and am tech savvy enough to know what fits me. So does everyone else. Give me a good 30 Rock sarcastic product placement, and I'm good.
    Great way to put it! As someone who also loves PR, I know exactly what you're talking about. No thanks, I will stick to trusty laptop and I still have absolutely no desire to become a twit.

    And love the comments about Xtina. She just grossed me out with her "pants" comment. Totally unecessary. She reminds me of Kara from AI, who was always drooling over the male contestants and wanting them to take their clothes off. I was so glad when they got rid of her.
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    Re: Live Show 6/7- **SPOILERS**

    I agree that Christina needs to tone it down with the trash talk. Blake does it a little bit, but for some reason when he does it, it seems good natured and competitive. I feel that Christina is more serious when she does it.
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