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Thread: The Voice 5/31 Recap: Battle the Fourth

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    The Voice 5/31 Recap: Battle the Fourth

    Finally we’ve reached the last battle round and the four teams will be completed. It’s been a long, long six weeks but the real fight will finally be here next week. Heck, I might even bother to vote.

    Round One

    Adam pairs Jeff Jenkins and Casey Desmond against each other to sing “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” by Elton John. Jeff is the sloppy dresser with a powerful voice and a great sob story to sway viewers, while Casey just dresses crazy in clothes of her own making. Adam and his nasally voice attempt to coach the pair, making them both more nasally than audition rounds. Adam favors Jeff even before the battle begins; maybe he’s just not feeling the pink hair and turquoise plastic earrings Casey is wearing. Jeff sounds too country and Casey sounds too bland for me and I really hate this song, so I say cut Adam free in this round. Seriously, I had to fast-forward through the performance. Blake likes watching Casey and Christina loves her look. Cee Lo would hand it to Jeff. Adam Blackstone likes Casey’s tone more, but Adam thinks that Jeff’s recently deceased mother story will get more votes for his team, so he goes with him. Okay, maybe that didn’t actually happen, but it could have.

    Round Two

    Blake’s last competing duo are Xenia and Sara Oromchi singing “I’ll Stand By You” by The Pretenders. He pairs them up because they are the most bashful of his team and he wants to see their personalities come out. They are both terribly nervous and emotional, so much that when Blake compliments Xenia, it makes her cry. In the battle round, Xenia starts out a bit shaky in her smoky voice and Sara is a bit stronger. The tempo for this song is sooo slow, it’s disturbing me. Can we get Chrissie Hynde to be a coach to the coaches? Neither of them sound that great—they’re nervous and off-key. Christina likes Xenia’s tone and thought Sara was pitchy. That’s pretty much the consensus of the other coaches—nervous pitchy singing all around. Blake gives the win to Xenia for no real reason other than she’s probably got a more interesting tone.

    Round Three

    Christina has Lilly Elise battle against Cherie Oakley with Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone”. Cherie is the country back-up singer and Lilly Elise is more of a soulful singer, so a power pop ballad is perfect for the pair. In rehearsal, Lilly Elise tries the song, which really amounts to her shouting it, which makes Cherie nervous. But, by the time they rehearse on stage, Cherie has found her confidence. They square off for real and they’ve changed the tempo of song so that it sounds strange too. Under all that, Cherie has the better voice in my opinion, but Lilly Elise isn’t bad and has the youth. Adam doesn’t have much to say, and Reba is super excited to finally meet Cherie, who wrote a song Reba took to #1, so Blake doesn’t get a word in. Cee Lo likes Lilly Elise’s energy but Cherie has control. Christina likes Cherie’s performance and Lilly Elise’s new hot little momma look. She, much as I thought, picked Lilly to move on. The red high heels will win every time with her.

    Round Four

    For the last battle, Cee Lo squares Emily Valentine off with Curtis Grimes to sing “Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum. Curtis is the guy who gave up baseball for a girl who dumped him and Emily is the hipster with the pin-up look plus tattoos. They apparently have become pretty close friends and dread battling against each other. Emily confesses she has a crush on Curtis. Cee Lo advises the pair to reenact the broken-up story of the song. When they sing together, Emily dominates the song. Even apart, Cutis just sounds generic country to me. They end the song with a big ole kiss, which was the “shocker” hyped up last week. Yawn. Adam likes Curtis’ baritone and is jealous because he has a girly voice. Christina thinks Emily had some shaky moments but some strong notes. Monica is of no help to Cee Lo; he knows Curtis was more in his safe zone but nevertheless gives Curtis the win.

    Next week the show goes live and the voting begins. These auditions and battle rounds took so long, I’m going to have to re-remember some of these folks again. And by the time this show is back next year after the Superbowl, I probably won’t even remember the judges.

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    Re: The Voice 5/31 Recap: Battle the Fourth

    Wasn't Emily on American Idol a while ago but didn't make it very far? I was really hoping she'd make it a little further here...

    Thanks for the recap!

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