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Thread: The Voice 5/10 Recap: Entering the Battle

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    The Voice 5/10 Recap: Entering the Battle

    The auditions are finally over on The Voice and it’s time for the battles to begin. For the next four weeks, each coach will pit two of their team members against each other to battle it out in a duet and then picking only one artist to move forward. That will whittle the teams down to four members each and then the whole point of the show is thrown out the window and the viewing audience gets to vote on their favorite performers. So I guess in three more weeks the show turns into American Idol.

    Angry Birds

    First up is Christina’s team. She picks Tarralyn Ramsey with Frenchie Davis to battle it out with “Single Ladies (Put a Ring) on It” by Beyonce. Christina coaches the ladies to “attack” the song, which sounds pretty violent to me. In a solo meeting, Frenchie is told she is a bit sharp, which she’s never heard before. Tarralyn and Frenchie rehearse in the boxing ring like stage and the tension is high. Christina suggests they find the fun in the competition. I think it’s all about hair. Frenchie rocks the bald look while Tarralyn is belabored by a bad wig, like Kim Zolciak bad. When show time comes, Frenchie comes off to me as a bit clearer and more of a performer, probably owing to her Broadway experience. Tarralyn also has a great voice but kinda looks pissed off for the duration. Christina decides to let Frenchie advance to the live shows. We’ll see how she fairs with the public, given her ever-so-scandalous past. Break out the pearls for clutching, Middle America!

    How does anyone not know Elvis?!

    Blake faces his team next and sets Patrick Thomas against Tyler Robinson to battle it out via Elvis’ “Burnin’ Love”. Patrick knows the song, but Tyler has no clue about Elvis. How is this humanly possible? I’m not a huge Elvis fan, but to be that culturally unaware for a singer, it just unbelievable. When they do battle, Patrick sounds like he’s at a high school talent show and Tyler adds a lot of runs but sounds weaker than Patrick. I’d choose neither, since they both sound bland to me. Cee Lo and Adam would both pick Tyler. Blake apparently didn’t hear the same version I did, and thinks Tyler did not put in any runs but Patrick also did a great job. He picks Patrick to advance, probably because he knows who Elvis is.

    A serious lack of gypsy skirts.

    Adam decides to pit Tim Mahoney against Casey Weston to sing “Leather and Lace”, the Stevie Nicks classic. (Somewhere, I hope, someone is still asking “What is a Stevie Nick?) Tim, you might remember, is the guy Adam picked because he thought Tim was a lady and Casey got on the team as a re-audition. Tim has a lot of professional experience while Casey has only been singing four years. Tim has phrasing issues while Casey straight up doesn’t know the song, because apparently she’s never listened to the radio in her eighteen years. Tim finally wants to break through while Casey wants to prove her second chance at getting on a team wasn’t a mistake. They both do pretty well at sounding better than Stevie Nicks. Blake would pick Casey, Christina says they blended really well, while Cee Lo favors Tim for his unique sound. Adam picks Casey to advance and Tim again is just shy of success.

    Perfect Pairing

    Cee Lo’s team is the last to go up. He has Vicci Martinez against Nicki Dawson to sing Pink’s “Perfect”. They have very similar voices in tone and range, so it is going to be a tough competition. Their performance is really quite good, actually. When they sing the chorus together they really nail the song, but I just like the smoky quality of Vicci’s voice a tad more. Adam says it was the best duet of the night. Blake likens the competition to the last 20 seconds of a tied Superbowl. Christina can’t pick either. It’s all too perfect! Cee Lo was more touched by Vicci’s war dance and voice, so she gets to advance but promises to help Nicki. Maybe he throws her his digits, maybe it’s all for camera, but I like Cee Lo, so I want to think the best of him.

    And that’s all that happened, folks. On to next week and the increasing redundancy of Carson Daly’s presence.

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    Re: The Voice 5/10 Recap: Entering the Battle

    This was the first episode of this show that I have seen. Great recap!
    "Tons of surprises, but it wouldn't be 'American Idol' without it, would it?" Cowell told MTV News. "At the end of the day, I could go out and find 12 great singers, but that's kind of boring. The fact that there's people there who shouldn't be there makes it 'American Idol.' "

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