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Thread: The Voice 4/26 ***Spoilers***

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    Re: The Voice 4/26 ***Spoilers***

    Does anyone think the show's producers secretly tell the judges to save someone if it seems like that person might not get through? Frenchie almost didn't make it!

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    Re: The Voice 4/26 ***Spoilers***

    I'm a little worried that I might like the upcoming rounds less, just because more people are going to end up disappointed, and it's going to be harder to maintain the fun judge banter if they're all just judging their own singers.

    I would also think it's going to very difficult to be coach and judge, but then, I suppose it's a little like being the coach who has to cut players from a team. You're coach and judge then too.

    I'm also prepared to be disappointed when it gets to an audience vote, because I don't trust people to vote just for the voice and not take appearance etc. into account. That's what I liked about the blind judging. It really was just about the voice.

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    Re: The Voice 4/26 ***Spoilers***

    Wow, I loved this show tonight. The positive tone of the coaches and the strength of the singers were refreshing. I think all of the teams are very good so far. After seeing what the coaches will set up after getting 8 on the team, I am sad already for half of the singers to be eliminated so soon!

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    Re: The Voice 4/26 ***Spoilers***

    I really enjoyed this show tonight but I am not too keen on the voting. I would rather the judges or another popular performer could pick who goes each week.

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    A definite keeper of a show for me. Adam and Blake have my favorite teams at the moment.
    Whenever you see darkness, there is extraordinary opportunity for the light to burn brighter.

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    Re: The Voice 4/26 ***Spoilers***

    wow..I really loved this show! Eventhough I missed the first half of it.... I am checking online for the parts I missed!... I loved the caliber of talent and the judges were great!!

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    Re: The Voice 4/26 ***Spoilers***

    This is a great show! I think the judges are mostly picking based on marketability. I think that is why Frenchie was only chosen by Christina. I thought Frenchie had the most talent but Tje has a lot of potential. Of course Javier is so good. He reminds me of Seal. Rebecca surprised me the most! Why didn't she audition for American Idol last season. They were looking for someone like her last year! I really felt for Kelsey. I am also a very, very beautiful person and I just hate it when great things happen for me solely because I am so beautiful. I mean, being beautiful makes life so difficult these days. I can't go anywhere without being asked to be on television, model, or accept expensive gifts. Kidding aside, I thought her voice was much lovelier than her face.

    Really Liked:
    Frenchie (Xtina)
    Tje (Cee Lo)
    Rebecca (Adam)
    Javier (Adam)

    Kelsey (Cee Lo)
    Married Couple (Blake)

    Not so much:
    Beverly (Xtina)
    Tara Lynn (Xtina)
    Vicky (Cee Lo)
    Patrick (Blake)
    Senya ? (Blake)
    Jeff (Adam)

    I like this show because I think the format makes it difficult for boring or mediocre talent to make it through. One problem I do have is that singers like Frenchie might not make it through because the judges have set agendas. If not for Christina, who could do anything to help her? What sort of tips would Adam have for someone as talented as Frenchie? He doesn't do what she does. Overall, this show is a breath of fresh air. There is so much cheeziness involved but it is a lot of fun!

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    Re: The Voice 4/26 ***Spoilers***

    Couldn't believe Christina asked the one guy "jokingly" (cough cough) if he'd take off his pants. Very rude.

    I thought Frenchie did not choose a good song to audition with. It did nothing to showcase her vocals. No wonder she almost didn't get picked.

    I don't really like Time After Time, but Javier really made me smile.
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    Re: The Voice 4/26 ***Spoilers***

    I agree that Frenchie chose the wrong song. It was a bad rendition and sounded labored. But I am not sure she would have had more coaches turn their chairs with another one. She has that Broadway delivery and they are looking for unique raw talent with something different to offer. Watching them concentrate on the voice and then talk about what attracted them to it was focused. They know what they are looking for and Frenchie just didn't have it.

    Did anyone else notice Blake ducking the heavy guy (whose mother died)? They all turned their chairs and Blake said he didn't think country was necessarily his genre, "you can do anything" as he pointed down the line.

    So far I like this show.

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    Re: The Voice 4/26 ***Spoilers***

    I really enjoyed this show. Love the interaction with the judges, especially the males. Think I've fallen a little in love with Adam and Blake :wink, but please don't tell my DH. CeeLo makes me laugh, but not sure those cute girls will be safe with him.

    Thought the contestants were really well chosen. I also think watching the judges make a decision on whether to turn around or not is fun. Their body language and facial expressions are just interesting to watch.

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