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Thread: The Voice on NBC

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    Re: The Voice on NBC

    Quote Originally Posted by bee stung lips View Post
    I'll watch if I can get past the oh-so-gag-worthy Christina Aguilera.

    Why don't you like her? I know nothing about her other than she is a successful pop star. I cannot even name a song she has done. I don't know any of the others. I know very little about music, clearly!

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    Re: The Voice on NBC

    Quote Originally Posted by jadewarlock View Post
    Wasn't she the one who was removed because she posed in her underwear for an ad or something? If so, I'm glad she's getting a second chance because IMHO something done for an ad (I think it was her age that caused the problem, but still she was clothed, not nude), shouldn't have affected her in the competition. Believe me, not all the winners of "AI" have had that squeaky clean image.

    She has a great voice, and I wish her the best in this competition. From the preview they did last night before the "Leno" show it shows that they're really going to show the best they can in this.

    While I'm glad Burnett said there'd be no string of bad singers, from the comment of "If no one turns their chair around the person is eliminated" you know there are going to be some who do not quite make the cut and we'll have eliminated contestants. As long as there's no William Hung's there, I'll be happy (though I actually thought he was OK - if he'd sung in his native language).
    From The Smoking Gun:

    Franchelle "Frenchie" Davis, the 23-year-old singer canned by Fox, was a fan favorite and had been tabbed last week by Entertainment Weekly as one of the program's leading six contenders. According to a TSG source, Davis posed topless (and appeared to be masturbating) on "Daddy's Little Girls," a web site where "the girls have all grown up...and the boys have come to play."

    I'd say she did a bit more than pose in underwear. It was about her involvement with a porn site. No wonder she doesn't like to talk about it.

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    Re: The Voice on NBC

    So....we are using people who already had a BIG chance and didn't make it. So now they are getting yet another chance. Just glad that they kicked Lukus to the curb....he made me gag when I saw him with his wife on Dr. Drew's show

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    Re: The Voice on NBC

    I checked out the previews/sneeks at the website and have this program set on my DVR. This looks different - no judging or critiquing - coaching only with the real competition between the coaches, at least in the opening rounds. With his co-host gig (with Reba) on the CMA award show, Blake is a rising star, not only in country, but is catching attention outside those parameters.

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    Re: The Voice on NBC

    Quote Originally Posted by karalott View Post
    Carson used to host Total Request Live on MTV (I believe that's where he got his start) and now has his own late night show on NBC. I remember when the whole Conan/Jay debate was going on and whether Jimmy Fallon would get bumped from his new time slot (Conan's old one), some comedians were saying Carson was such a non entity no one cared about his show He's done various hosting gigs throughout the years and I believe hosts the New Year's Eve special on NBC.
    I don't know him, then. I thought he was the blonde haired guy from "Queer Eye" who also did that reality show about inner beauty last year.

    Frenchie did have the misfortune of being on the second season of Idol, when keeping a squeaky clean image was key. I remember the uproar a few seasons later when it was revealed another contestant had posed almost nude and she was kept on the show (it didn't help matters this girl was white, tall, and model thin). Of course race and appearance issues got thrown into the mix, but I don't think it was any of that. I thought Frenchie was very talented when she did the show and likely would have done well had she stayed on it. I hope she has success this time.

    I remember that other scandal. I believe the girl's BF posted the pictures online once she made it onto AI. Real class there, pal. Nothing happened to the second girl.

    RE: AGT: I do watch, but it's not my favorite show. If it weren't on in the summer there'd probably be something else on I'd find more worth while. I agree I wish they didn't focus so much on singers and put the other acts through just as filler. I'd also like to see people on there that actually have a realistic chance of winning and that can be seen as a Vegas act. However, the producers probably figure that more viewers will identify and support a singer rather than a novelty act.

    Whatever happened to "Nessun Dorma" guy?

    It should say something that the only act to ever have huge success was a non-singer.
    You know, it's funny, but that puppet guy is from my city of Dallas. However, since I didn't watch AGT at the time I had never heard of him, until I read an article about him in our local paper written several months later and talking about how successful he was in Vegas.

    I also recall the producers of AI getting called out, when they made the claim they didn't put people through for ratings, that people had gone through that were obviously way over the age limit. I'm all for watching a show that has no drama, no gimmicks, no obvious ratings stunts, and focuses on the talent and the kids. I could care less about the drama between the judges and the host, which was yet another reason I grew tired of AI.

    Hmmm, like that guy who sung about pulling up your pants? I have to admit, I didn't mind him being put on TV. I work in a high school, and so I want to sing that song every time I see some boy with his trousers sagging.

    Ariel, I love your pic of David Cook.
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    Re: The Voice on NBC

    I have the show set to go on the DVR and evidently there was a 15 minute sneak peak that the DVR caught. It showed all the judges singing and they were great! I loved the vibe of the clip, it looked exciting. If they can keep that going? This should be pretty good.
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    Re: The Voice on NBC

    I am quite ready for Tuesday!
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    Re: The Voice on NBC

    I can't wait to see this show! American Idol has been such a huge disappointment for the past 8 years or so. I think this year I finally let go and am not sure if I will ever watch again. Somewhere down the line it became more about looks than talent. Don't tell me the current crop is the best America has to offer--I'm not buying that!

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    Re: The Voice on NBC

    I can't wait to watch this show tonight!!

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    Re: The Voice on NBC

    Quote Originally Posted by shoepie View Post
    Why don't you like her? I know nothing about her other than she is a successful pop star. I cannot even name a song she has done. I don't know any of the others. I know very little about music, clearly!
    I simply cannot stand her over the top, over-singing, pack as many riffs and runs into one note as you can, over-indulgent style of delivery. And it doesn't just stop with Christina, as there are plenty of others out there just like her. She's a standout however, since I have not once--EVER heard her sing a song without stuffing it full of fancy fills, trills and frills. Her vocal coach should have informed her that sometimes less is more.

    Grates on my nerves like fingernails on a chalkboard.
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