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Thread: J.D. Roth

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    J.D. Roth

    He's a creepy little dude, isn't he?

    Did anyone else know his previous "on air" gig to this was as the announcer/narrator of "The Biggest Loser"? I didn't know that was him.

    Off air, he's a busy little bugger too. Recently he's produced:
    --Biggest Loser
    --Breaking Bonaduce
    --Beauty and The Geek
    --For Love Or Money

    And in addition to hosting, he also produced all of those "Endurance" shows.

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    I always think JD's funny. In a good way...I guess. I always find it funny that everytime you see him in Endurance, he never walks, but runs. I dunno if it's motivation or something for the kids. Who knows? HE always has the same face.
    You've heard of theater in the round? Well, you're looking at the man who invented theater in the square! Nobody had a good seat!"

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