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Thread: 3/29 Show Discussion **spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by snoopy View Post
    What is Steve talking about when he asks his wife if she will forgive him for some things he "did" in order to come home with the money? And then the cryptic comments made directed to his children, ie. " I always taught you to be honest", etc.? I must have missed something. (?)
    I think he's a fairly devout Christian and this type of competition is hard on someone like that. Do you temporarily set aside your values in order to win the money? It's hard to win Big Brother, Survivor, etc without doing some lying/backstabbing/manipulation.

    Quote Originally Posted by lonevoice
    That's the biggest problem with this show -- the editing for the half hour time slot. That's what makes it sucky. This is supposed to be a psychological drama... but they don't give us enough time to explore the psychology. I think the producers expect us to form predjudices baced on the players' stereotypes and fill in the background story ourselves. I, for one, would like to see more behind-the-scenes discussion. They can cut all the table talk and just show us the balls (votes).

    I REALLY want to give this show a chance, the premise is great. But they've got to fire the editors.
    Welcome lonevoice!

    I agree 100%. It seems so odd to me (based on what we've seen) that these folks already have a collective warm fuzzy feeling toward Steve. We need to see a lot more interaction between the hamsters if we're going to buy what they're selling.

    Like others, I knew it wouldn't be unanimous last night. Too soon. And I figured there was about a 90% chance it would be Jonathon that would screw it up. He seems the most selfish. I also thought there was about a 10% chance it would be Richard, acting out of revenge. (If I'm not getting the cash, nobody is!)

    I didn't hate Kelly nearly as much last night as I did last week. But I still think her secret was the worst.

    I almost wept for Steve. He was really getting his hopes up and I just knew he wouldn't get the money. That's a kind of psychological torture that we don't get to see on Big Brother. The Outcast uniform with the scarlet "X" is a nice touch too.

    Now if "Lost" ever goes into reruns again, I'll be able to be in this discussion thread with all you fine people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by celicacutie81 View Post
    At first I thought this show was for real...but now I am getting a strong vibe that its all actors/scripted.

    How in the heck can they be there for such a short time and already want to give the $$ away. Something is fishy. Not sure if I will watch anymore.
    I agree. When I watched Episode 1, I thought I didn't think it was fake. After last night's episode, I'm changing my mind.

    The words and phrases the participants are using seem not necessarily scripted, but more like actors doing an improv exercise.

    In the words of Lucille Ball (I Love Lucy episode), "There's a rotten Cuban in Denmark."
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    I will say it

    This show is so fake and cheesy. I cannot believe I am watching and FOX was very sneaky in scheduling it after AI when nothing else is on. This has to be the fakest (ok that probably isn't a word) reality (yea, right) show on TV. I have been questioning some of the recent reality shows (ie. Big Brother) recently, but this there is no way this show can be real.... sorry, I am not buying it.
    Because I said so ....

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    I wonder how long it'll be before the produers fess up and admit it's all actors... then tell us they were always planning to do so. (Yeah, right.)

    At least with Joe Schmo, we were in on it. That made it a lot more fun.
    What?! Am I still here?

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    I liked the first episode but now it's starting to wear thin. I can't say that I'll tune in next week or not.

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    I don't know why but I have to watch this show. Its got me intrigued. I am sure it'll end soon though...
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    Unfortunately, I don't think anyone expected this show to end on the second episode.

    And do we know the actual timeline for the show - has it really only been one night there? Again, I don't think anyone would expect the group to come to a unanimous decision so quickly.

    Surprised the poker player (Adam?) was so quick to give the money away, not only nominating Steve to win the money, but later to continue referring to it as 'cutting Steve's money in half'. Thought he would be more of a player than that.

    Personally, if it was obvious I wasn't going to be nominated to win the money, I would have no problem walking out the door, cutting the prize money in half - not like I have to see those people again.

    Guessing the producers wouldn't mind seeing the money cut in half or the countdown going to zero, though.

    Is there a betting pool going to see how many episodes this show lasts before the game ends?

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    I smell a rat. I posted my doubts last week and nothing has happened to make me change my mind. This does not read as a genuine reality show. Very odd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArchieComic Fan View Post
    I liked the first episode but now it's starting to wear thin. I can't say that I'll tune in next week or not.
    I'll probably keep watching just to look for the fakery.
    What?! Am I still here?

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    They should just do the math and figure out exactly how long they'd all have to be there. Then, everyone can leave when the money gets to zero.
    Or, just mass exodus.

    If they're all willing to "give" it to Steve, they're already reserved to not get a cent. What's the big hoopla if NOBODY gets it then? I dunno. If it was me in there..and nobody is wanting me to have it, I'd just leave. Big whoop. OOOohhhhh, some shmuck won't get the full amount.. {yawn}

    I've never needed or wanted a 15 minutes of fame..so, there would be no reason for me to stay. That's also another reason why I think they're actors. What other reason is there to remain sequestered in a dark, and apparently to some of them, claustrophobic condition?

    eta: In regards to the "this is cruel dudes. This isn't a fun show at all" statement.
    What is so cruel? I'm not getting the cruelty part at all. Ok, this guy has to wear an X, and they all have to come to an agreement to leave. OOOOOOoooo scarrrryyyy!
    Cruel, IMO, is no food, no air, constant dripping water noise, rodents running through, blaring bullhorns, etc. Not debating.
    Debating with strangers is just annoying, not cruel.
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