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Thread: 3/22 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by razorbacker View Post
    Maybe they can put her in a cell with Richard Hatch. Two tax cheats, one an avowed gay hating minister, one an out of the closet gay. Now that would be a reality show for the ages.

    Next...a reality series that features reality people who've lied about tax information, and must spend X time in a Federal Institution...but; they aren't just prison inmates.....they are "Reality Cellies" Cellmates serving time, next on Fox.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iam1039 View Post
    Very perceptive. That's JD Roth, who started on "Fun House" back in the 90s, then moved on to "Sexwars" for a little while and now hosts some kiddie version of Survivor on NBC Saturday morning (the name escapes me now).
    The show is "Endurance." He's more than a host: he's an exec producer on all sorts of reality shows. You'll find his name on any number of reality shows including "For Love or Money", "Beauty and the Geek", and (hottest right now) "The Biggest Loser" (which he's also the narrator for).

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    I did enjoy this show so far (nothing like it at all on TV, I love original concepts) although I thought it seemed kind of fake. Like others have said, the characters all fit their "roles" a little too well for me to take it seriously or have things about them that totally go against their "roles":

    The girly girl dancer crying the second she was in the bunker, saying she doesn't know what she got herself into. Wouldn't see that coming at all. /sarcasm

    The poker guy saying he's sat around many round tables with huge sums of money, but NONE ever as big as $1,500,000 (which is probably true but something I thought was odd to say).

    The minister talking about God and the bible 24/7, completely against gays and saying "God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve". Then going on to say money is the root of all evil and we find out she filed for bankruptcy, etc. That seemed a little too good to be real.

    There were some other things as well but I can't seem to recall them off the top of my head.

    Quote Originally Posted by mozzz View Post
    Good thing the game has options for lowering the prize money for their indecision, otherwise FOX would have another Forever Eden show on their hands - a show with no end in sight!
    Actually Forever Eden did end, after 25 episodes. A couple was awarded a treasure chest full of money and they all went home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by antmANNfan View Post
    Actually Forever Eden did end, after 25 episodes. A couple was awarded a treasure chest full of money and they all went home.

    It did? Where and when did that happen? I thought it was just cancelled and sent to the Isle of Misfit Toys?
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