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Thread: 7/14 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I have found this show is great for taking care of insomina. I've started to watch it at least 3 times and each time fell asleep within 15 mins. All I can say is Frank is on my last nerve from just the little I have seen of the show.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WomynLee
    Why would they get their checks before confronting each other?
    Apparently, the test was simply to remain apart for three weeks and agree to be filmed. Two couple made it and two didn't. At this point, I'd say that both couples are off the hook and don't have to do anything more that the producers demand.

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    I'm glad that the producers cut them the checks and isn't going to force them to bark like a seal or whatever to collect their cash. Essentially now, what they choose to do with their lives isn't anything that ABC has any financial ability to control. Unless those are placeholder checks, because I noticed they were made out for the full amount. The "real" checks would be for less because of tax withholding required on amounts that large. gotta love the IRS
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    *slaps self out of nerdy tax mode wonderings about what the applicable withholding rules would be*

    I was so mad last night that we didn't get to see the reunions. It will be really interesting to watch the reactions of Heather and Amber that we saw a glimpse of in the previews to the messages taped by Frank and Diego. I can hardly wait to see my fav Brandon again. :rolleyes

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    yeah i thought tonight was gonna be the finale too

    well, i think if any couple makes it, it might be heather/frank, but after looking at the previews for next week, you never know, but i have a feeling they will stay together

    amber/diego.....i really think she is gonna dump him, she seems to want to get out of vermont, and unless diego agress to go with her, i think they are over

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmandaFabulous
    Her website slogan is 'not just another pretty face'?? Are you kidding me? Why? I mean, she's attractive, but good lord....and surely she won't dump that guy she lives with for a guy she met 3 weeks ago just because he's got money.
    Better of than a loser that is 24 years old and still lives with his parents and don't want to do anything with his life. I am the same age as Diego and grew up in worse condition than him and I manage to graduated from Uconn. I think Roy is a good guy he is motivating and encouraging Amber that she can make it.

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    Friend of a friend knows Diego and Amber in Vt. The show has NOT brought out that Diego is a bartender, not just a gym rat.

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    Hi all, I finally decided to register, no more lurking! ....
    Something that really bothered me about last night's episode: It's wholly out of wack for the producers to set up an art show for Amber. This is something Diego could never hope to "give" her ... in fact, Roy couldn't give it to her. Were this not a "reality" show, she'd have to present her work and get a solo gallery show on her own merit. I do hope she leaves Vermont behind. She is ready, but to make it seem like Roy is tapped into her real needs because he set it up is wildly unfair.

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    Welcome to the FORT redmermaid!

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    Thanks Qboots!

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