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Thread: Roy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goomba
    I saw an episode of Blind Date where they hooked a 50+ year old guy with a 28 year old dominatrix. It was one of those who wants to date a millionaire episodes.

    .. now I could see that.. cuz of the millionaire.. don't know if convincing an audience of someone under 50 that they are a millionaire would work out. I was not suggesting they pair Amber with anyone older, just thought Roy look younger. I myself prefer older men.. but that is my preferences.

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    Maybe it's his hair style, but I don't think he looks very young.

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    rich people...

    Quote Originally Posted by butterflygirl
    And just like most Doctors that I know, when will he have all this time to take Amber around the world???? I think picking someone "wealthy" was wise for a "tempter" for Amber but should have found someone that is not so tied down to his job. JMO
    people who are successful usually work hard, believe it or not... i guess you want them to get some trust fund arse who never earned his money and has all the time in the world to spend with amber.

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    What is the point to have someone that is so devoted to his/her job and never have time to spend with you? I realize people have to work, and those that are successful usually work hard. But successful people do take time off to enjoy life too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LG.
    Back to ROY . . .

    why is he on this show?

    Who is treating the sick children while he's spending 3 weeks in Cabo?

    Should Drs. Roy, Sean Kaniff, and Will Kirby all form a practice group for reality tv doctors, and if so, should they become the podiatrists to the stars?
    Roy is a scientist. He's trying to find a cure for cancer so he could save your parent's lives. Not all doctors go to work and treat patients. And like every other worker, doctors deserve to take vacations also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by canadian_bunny
    He doesn't even look old enough to have gone through all the schooling Doctors would have to go to school for.
    Asians tend to appear younger than they really are. I have several friends and relatives around my age 28-32, who are now PhDs.... and when you have a PhD, you can call yourself a doctor. My cousin is a doctor and he sometimes would have a few weeks off and even months off as he usually transfers from one state to another depending on the patients' needs. And even when he's not working, he's still getting paid.... alot of $$$ too.

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    After reading through all these posts, I realize how people are willing to bash Diego and Roy to defend their guy. Diego supporters would say Roy is a dull, boring guy. (amazingly, no one has used his race as a negative). While Roy supporters would say Diego is a dumb jock.

    But if you realize, if you didn't have to pick a favorite, your attitudes would be reversed. Diego would be the athletic buff guy... and Roy would be the mature, professional, gentlemen that women desire.
    To me, they're both good-looking guys with alot going for them.

    But if i had to make my future daughter pick one, i'd pick......

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    Quote Originally Posted by jubamai
    people who are successful usually work hard, believe it or not... i guess you want them to get some trust fund arse who never earned his money and has all the time in the world to spend with amber.

    I am successful and so is my husband and we work very hard and play very hard. I just don't believe the show picked the right "tempter" for Amber - but that is my opinion. Not everyone else's??? I never said anything about trust funds or anything to that degree. I just think he is boring and not the right match for Amber - I don't like when Amber is trying to figure out why Diego only paid for one minute to see her and she was wondering why that Roy threw in his two cents that he would pick love over money any day - he has picked money in my opinion by picking his occupation and in my opinion, he would not throw away his job for any girl - so I thought it was lame. No one has to agree with my opinion but I am entitled to an opinion. I respect your opinions and would like the same.

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    I think some of you are taking these posts a little more serious than intended. WE all are entitled to our opinions.. and should be respected. JMO.. so bash me if you would like.

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    no bashing. Keep it civil, guys. Somebody who had been posting in these parts has been banned (not to fuel the rumor mill anymore), but let's get back to the topics at hand, people.

    Roy - do you think that Amber will be interested enough in Roy to not want to stay with Diego when the test is done? Or do you think Amber will thank Roy for opening her eyes to the world of possibilities and say adios to both guys?
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