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Thread: Carolyn and Jayre

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    I don't see this couple lasting for eternity, not without a miracle. It's still a pressure cooker about to explode. He has wants that she probably won't address, and she has way too many control issues.
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    Carolyn and Jayre

    First, Carolyn - you need to do a lot of growing up and maybe you should have been the one "tested" as Amber was to take some time to reflect on your life and see what your "trust issues" are and where it comes from. You will NEVER find a Man willing to commit to you or marry you unless you learn to trust - That is the foundation for all good relationships that work. I wish you luck and wish you would get some therapy to help you with whatever has caused you to have these problems in your relationship. GOOD LUCK!

    Second, Jayre - FOUR WOMEN??? What were you thinking??? I don't even know what to say to you - I believe you probably learned your lesson on your part of the test and you will make someone a good husband (maybe) if you realize that some of your expectations are a little much - fantasy yes, but in the real world, NO. I did not like how sad you seemed to be but maybe you learned what you needed to find your special person (notice I said ONE person - not FOUR) - I wish you luck in finding her because you did seem at the end of the show to have come to your senses. GOOD LUCK!

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    Re: Carolyn and Jayre

    I've just watched the show, yes a bit late, but I must say, these 2 very funny. I was laughing my ass of a lot off the times because of them.

    I agree that it would have been better if they had chosen for Carolyn to be tested.
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