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Thread: Heather and Frank

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    Wow, with each passing episode, Frank becomes so much more a wuss. This guy is so toast.

    Way to go, CR. He knows what Heather wants and is able to provide her that. Frank is such a loser... WAKE UP!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ping007
    Way to go, CR. He knows what Heather wants and is able to provide her that. Frank is such a loser... WAKE UP!!
    It's easy being on C.R.'s end of this mission. Just sit back and watch and then come in and be the shoulder to cry on. He's the worst kind of man. I don't think either of them deserves Heather, but I'd rather see her with Frank than C.R. :rolleyes

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    Quote Originally Posted by funnygirl422
    It's easy being on C.R.'s end of this mission. Just sit back and watch and then come in and be the shoulder to cry on. He's the worst kind of man.
    Exactly. He's the vulture that's been perched on the cliff waiting for a chance to swoop in and nab the girl. And, he doesn't mind pushing all the right buttons to destroy Heather and Frank's relationship so that he can pick up the pieces.

    Frank may be a wuss, but at least he sees C.R. for what he is.

    Unfortunately, he took the wrong track to deflating C.R. The best thing would have been to act eager to bungee jump and then do it without hesitation. By refusing, for whatever made-up reasons, you let him win.

    Personally, I think Frank was too scared to jump.

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    I think Frank didn't jump for the right reasons. Makes me wonder what kind of person would want you to do something they know you're not comfortable with, just to prove something to them. That would prove commitment? His reasoning was valid as far as why should he jump through hoops to get 10 minutes when C.R. didn't have to do anything to get 2 more weeks. I'm surprised Frank was controlled enough not to pop that smirking C.R. upside the head.
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    I too think that Frank was too chicken to jump, regardless of what he wanted to prove, the jumping would have shown Heather he would do anything for her. Of course not all of you see it that way but since Heather saw it that way, that is what he HAD to do, he didn't and lost. His principles and 'reasons' aren't important to anyone because this is all only about the two of them.

    I guess I'm in the minority but I really like CR even tho what he is doing isn't honorable, I think it is the only way to show Heather that she is better off being him than Frank. JMO tho, so what do I know?
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    Frank is the one....

    Hey there,

    Everyone seems to be ragging on Frank. Try to understand that Heather had her thing with CR before she met Frank. Things didn't work then, what makes anyone thinks they will now. Frank can connect with Heather on a level that CR never will... They are both Musicians, and having an understanding of how one another thinks, and expresses themselves. Maybe Frank does need a goot wake up call, but if Heather is so ready for a commitment from Frank, why do the previews for the next show have her all over CR.... If Heather moves from Frank to CR, the real loser will be her. No one can possibly understand what Frank is going thourgh, and to trash him for leaving the apartment in a mess is nuts. He is being torn to pieces, and that said who cares how messy the place is... It can afterall be cleaned.. A broken heart takes a heck of a lot more to heal... I think Frank is the best choice for Heather, and that CR is a reality show wannabe who lives with other reality "stars" so now it's his 15 minutes. Think about it... CR is either playing up to the cameras, or he is a slimy looser who only thinks of himself. I hope Frank and Heather work things out, and snag a huge contract putting CR where he belongs... Next to Trishelle!!!!!!!!

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    I think Heather loves Frank, she just wanted him to make an extra step for her, and not to think of himself. But, had Frank had jumped, would that be something he would had chosen if it wasn't done only for the show. I would rather know he did it on his own, not something the show cooked up for him to do to get to see me. So, in reality if he had jumped, it wouldn't had been something he did on his own, only part of the script and I don't see how that would had made Heather happy thinking he did it for her and to see her imo.

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    I think Frank was too chicken to jump. If it was a pride thing then why even take the second option given to him, he should have just gone home. Even CR told him in the car that all he needs to do is make a commitment to Heather and he didn't want to hear it.

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    You have a point, but sticking up for CR, wasnt it Heather and Frank who signed up for the show? Doesnt it seem like that would make them the "Reality Show Wannabe's". To me, it doesnt look like CR is playing it up for the cameras, but it looks like Frank is! Come on....throwing the beer can! Thats a little much! I think that the whole show is set up and think that Heather and Frank did this to plug there album.

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    speaking of my album

    Speaking of my album....it comes out July 6 TUESDAY! Oh, and Melton says "hi".

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