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Thread: Heather and Frank

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    you know, I'm warming up to Frank a little. I still think that if Heather is looking for passionate commitment, she's with the wrong guy, but Frank is a genuine guy, with a very odd group of friends. He amuses me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LG.
    you know, I'm warming up to Frank a little.
    I'm kind of on and off about Frank. At first, he seemed like a fine guy. The he seemed like a mama's boy. Then I thought he was "deep". Then I thought he was shallow. Then I thought he was reckless. Then I thought he was a wuss.

    My thoughts on him change from moment to moment.

    Currently, he's in a real pickle. If he does propose to Heather, he'll be setting up a marriage based around a sham (i.e., he was forced into it). Neither one will be very happy. If he doesn't, Heather may decide to simply move along. That may be the best thing for both of them, but it will be a traumatic experience (i.e., girlfriend dumping you on national TV).

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    I like Frank, too. But he is being portrayed as a pretty boring guy that is so scared of commitment - but you can tell he truly loves Heather - some people just don't know how to express themselves well or it was how their parents were so they picked up on their mistakes of not being "loving" in a relationship. I really felt for him when he was in that RV headed down to Cabo for her - that shows that he really does love her even though he may not show it the way she wants him to. I know CR is in here - and I don't want to dog him out because I like him too - I just don't understand "why" they broke up and "why" he would be the "tempter"??? Maybe I missed that part??? Usually if a relationship breaks up, it is good that it broke up and should not be revisited - seems like whatever caused the breakup in the first place will surface again??? But, then again, I don't know why they broke up either???

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    well have u guys look at how messy the house is ... do u thik she will be mad when she comes back and sees it?... i like Frak i dont think he is for her tho

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    The house was a sty, but Frank also revealed he had been "kinda sick." He was washing dishes when he received his ULT-O-Gram at the end of the show. Honestly, I don't think he can win with whatever type of reaction he has. If he doesn't show emotion, he is portrayed as uncaring and a wimp. If he reacts, (by throwing something) he is then a hot tempered, "skinny Croatian." He strikes me as the quiet, reflective type. Some people aren't so outward with their emotions. Which would you rather have: Brandon who tells women whatever they want to hear or Frank who thinks about things for a while?

    The "Frank" segments, for me, have been what has made this show watchable. They are funny and even have their own special music when they are shown. Gotta love the male-bonding scenes! Heather loves Frank a lot. Whether they work out a compromise and save their relationship, is anyone's guess. She may have unrealistic expectations of a relationship, as far as wanting to be a princess and having a shining armor in wait.

    C.J. doesn't strike me as the one, either. Romancing someone is easy when you don't have to foot the bill and are in a beautiful, romantic location. Let's see how he would manage going to work daily and living in Downey.

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    All too funny.

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    In the beginning I didn't want them to break up. But now that I watch it C.R. treats Heather a lot better than Frank ever will. Heather should walk out of this with C.R. and if she does I can almost guarentee we will hear they are getting married within a few months after the show.

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    I agree with you, Clipse! CR treats her like he adores her, which is what Heather needs. Frank just has no clue how to do that, and Heather would be miserable if she married him. But it really makes me wonder why Heather & CR broke up in the first place...

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    I bet Frank was much like CR when he was courting Heather. If CR does get Heather, he'll probably turn into a Frank eventually.

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    Never! Lol!

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