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Thread: Kenesha and Brandon

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    Guys like Brandon give men a bad rap. He is a complete pig!! How about that face me made that led to Brooke saying, "Are you going to box me or something?"? What a jerk!!

    I wish they show Kenesha the clips from their night at the bar. I hope Kenesha is strong enough to more on with Brandon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots
    There's some info around here somewhere in another thread, but I can't remember which one.

    Apparently, when they pick the Big Brother cast, they put them through a little trial to see if they can stand the isolation. Brandon got caught phoning his girlfriend, which is forbidden, so they canned him. I don't think they replaced him as it was too close to airtime, so they just started the show with one less cast member. I'm not sure if he was going to be someone's "ex" or if he would have been one of the unattached housemates.
    I never knew that. Thanks Q!

    Brandon is a complete moron and don't think I could've put up with him on Big Brother. Jun and Allison were bad enough, he would probably be just like Amanda's ex and get kicked off the show for being a moron.

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    Kenisha needs to dump Brandon .... a long time ago. He is an %&#%*() hole. He needs to realize that he is not the end all to everything. Unfortunately he never will realize this until it is too late.

    He makes me sick ! :phhht

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    Too bad they won't show too much more of Brooke,

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    Yeah, Brooke is HOT! This must be an audition for her next Reality Show.

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    I would say Brooke comes off looking the best out of these 3 no matter what happens between Brandon and Kenisha.

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    Brooke is paid to tempt Brandon. She probably is already in a relationship anyway. Brandon thought he was actually there to hook up with Brooke, what an idiot.

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    Qboots... the rumor was that Brandon was banished, so they used his ex - Alison as one of the originals, and then they brought in Justin at the last minute.

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    Oh my god - Brandon & Ali were a couple? Now I'm gonna have nightmares. At least now I know where she learned her....ummm...."loose" behaviour.

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    Good for Kenesha! Way to go, Brooke! It's about time Brandon got dumped...good ridden!

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