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Thread: Amber and Diego

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    unique mindset
    Quote Originally Posted by Zeekh
    I thought he was a Gynecologist
    it is in the field of a Oncologist

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    unique mindset
    Amber should marry Diego, the reason is Diego cried on every episode. LMAO

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    Just finished watching the show. Cry me a river. Always works.

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    I think in the end they were the most entertaining couple on the show and they came the furtherst. I had no clue what was going to happen untill the very end. Congrats to both of you and best of luck.

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    Roy was the better choice for Amber. But alas, her hots for Diego won out.

    Diego, you are one lucky man if you can make it work with Amber, especially the temperment and attitude you exhibited.

    Something tells me Amber wanted more and almost took it. That doesn't mean she's through "looking out for her options".

    You have now got to step up to the plate and prove yourself -- maybe not monetarily (Roy's got it going on in that area) -- but caring wise.

    But not the on-and-off variety of caring -- the consistent kind.

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    Hi Everyone!

    Hi Everyone, I just signed up here.

    Just wanted to say hi to everyone and congratulate Amber and Diego, I was rooting for you all along. I'm from Starksboro/Bristol Vermont actually and went to the same high school as Amber, my brother actually graduated with her; (Jimmie/Jim Saunders.)

    Amber, I've seen you around a few times lately with Diego at your dad's "Bristol beer-gut softball games" My boyfriend plays so I'm there all the time. I used to be pretty good friends with your brother, Yale, back when I was in high school. I wanted to congratulate you and Diego for making it through the test...I hope you enjoy your lives together. Vermont is a beautiful place and I don't know if I'll ever leave...I always have wanted to go out and see the world and explore my options, but something keeps telling me to stay right where I am. Everything I've ever known is here, and I love it. I remember back in high school seeing your art in the "art fairs" in the gym and thinking, "wow this girl is really talented". And I was right! Anyway, congratulations to you and Diego again, really, I think you two make a great couple and everything will work out the way it's supposed to. You may think he is holding you back from your dreams, but I don't think you'll ever find someone who worships you like he does...it's so obvious that you are his life, and I hope you two can continue to make it work. Hope to hear from you soon, and I'm sure I'll see you around at the beer-gut games, haha (isn't Bristol full of so many FUN things to do!?)

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    Reality tv fan
    It really does look like Diego put his whole heart into loving Amber.....lucky girl!

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    diego/amber - what happened with the money?

    what did the two of you do with the money? also, how long ago was the show shot? what's the update with you now?

    thanks ahead of time.

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    First of all thank you all for the support and great advice. It was a fun ride. --A hilarious one for me!

    Amber and I are still together and very happy. I've been busy developing a business with one of my close friends. Hopefully my friend and I will have a web-site up in the next couple of weeks. Amber has been doing well with displaying her art on her web-site at: amberrood.com Stop in and say hi, she would love it.

    I spent all of my money on steak and protein shakes. --Just Kidding!

    I honestly haven't even tapped into it. It's in the bank... I went to Italy to surprise my sister Sofia after we finished filming the ULT. She was studying abroad for a semester. One day we where talking on the phone and she voiced how her experience would mean so much more to her if she had someone she loved to share it with. Then she kept telling me that she missed the family and was a little home-sick. After that conversation, I decided to show up in Rome a few days later. It was a blast! Just seeing her face when I met her at her school was so rewarding. Rome was beautiful. I can't believe Amber didn't want to go with me, but She wanted Sofia and I to have bonding time. Sofia and I had a wonderful experience, but I missed Amber soooo much. I must have gone to a dozen different art galleries. The streets of Rome are full of history and art, it's something that you must experience to appreciate.

    Again, thank you. I'll do my best to answer as many questions as possible. Unfortunately I'm still under a 1,000,000 page contract.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reality tv fan
    It really does look like Diego put his whole heart into loving Amber.....lucky girl!

    Never knew Diego the muscle bound-macho-meathead could be so emotional and compassionate. He made us guys look bad. I had my doubts about them but in the end I think their relationship is going to work. They obviously are in love and if they could pass the "ultimate love test" then they can pass any obstacle in their way. Thanks Amber and Diego for sharing your experiences here. Good luck to the both of you!

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