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Thread: Amber and Diego

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    well guys, remember that Diego wrote messages to Amber on gum wrappers when he got to see her in Cabo, and that he had previously wrote her poems and whatnot on gum wrappers in the past. I think he's a writer at heart, and that was one of the reasons that artist Amber was attracted to him in the first place. I'm not going to say one way or another, but Manny and I have been contacted by pretty much everyone on this show and let's just say it wouldn't suprise me if this is The Diego.
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    Where are you from Diego?

    Hi Diego! First of all I just want to say that you are the finest guy I've ever seen! I know it's not all about looks, but Amber would be an idiot not to get with you. Plus you seem really sweet to me. But I've only seen one show.lol

    What I really want to know is what are you? Because you look so much like my friend who's cuban but I know that doesn't nessesarily mean anything. So please write back if you read this. Thanks.

    I love you man!

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    Now that sounds more Diego-ish to me.

    Just sayin'...
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    Hi everybody. Yes, it's really me... -- I'm over it. Anyway, I guess I have a few questions to answer.

    Maveno -- Did you choose that screen name because you consider yourself an expert?-- Just curious... On a different note, I see that you and Funnygirl422 don't think that it's really me. If you care, I'll be happy to prove you wrong ion this one. On the quote were I used the word elegiac, I meant to use allergic. Elegiac would have worked, but it's an adjective that means to mourn over something that has already past and can not be recovered. -- I know, nobody cares...

    Jory220 -- Thank you, I'm blushing. I'm a big mix of different cultures, but I guess you could say I'm Spamerican... --Just kidding. I consider myself Argentine. My father is from the US and my mother is Argentine. I was made in Argentina and born in the US in 1979. After my sister Sofia was born in 1982, my family returned to Argentina. I lived there until I was about 11 or 12 and returned to the United States with my family because my mother was expecting to give birth to my brother, Donovan (he's 14 now). I had to re-learn English. The toughest part was the reading and writing, but I held my own. After I graduated from High School I went back to Argentina for a couple of years and I have been visiting once every year or two over the past few years. It's tough to be from two different countries because when I'm in the US, to society, I'm Hispanic or Latino and when I'm in Argentina I'm categorized as being North American or a "Gringo". Sorry for the extended answer... Again, thank you.

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    Hey again!

    Roy is an Oncologist (cancer). And yes- I will be able to tell more after Wed.

    Be patient! We can have some real fun then!

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    I thought he was a Gynecologist

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    Diego and Amber: Where are you guys watching the show tomorrow? Is ABC doing a big thing somewhere in VT or LA? Together, separately, with Roy? What's the deal?

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    Thanks for joining us Diego. My question is do you think you would have learned the same things about yourself and your relationship with Amber had you not done the show? i.e. did the ULT teach you something you truly did not already know or would have learned otherwise?

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    Hello Diego and Welcome!!!!

    As you probably have already read, I am your biggest fan and supporter here - I just want to wish you luck on everything you do in life!!! I have always believed that the show edited you poorly and have defended you all the way in this - I am so happy you joined the FORT and I am very excited about tomorrow night and the finale. I hope all of your dreams come true!!!

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    Zeekh-- I was under the impression that he was an "on-call-ologist", because I don't know of any doctors that live that kind of lifestyle.--Maybe if you're retired or a celebrity Plastic surgeon in South Beach, Miami. I actually considered med-school, but got turned off by the sacrifices you have to make down the road.

    Zeus-- Unfortunately there isn't a big party for the show. I think ABC gave up on the show before it even started (I get that feeling from the way it was marketed) so I'm not sure. I'm guessing that Roy and I will be watching it together...--We've been dating since the end of filming the ULT --Just kidding! Now that would have been a hell of a twist!
    No, really, I will be at a party that my friends Dr. Ken Palm and Phyllis Palm along with my good friend Wesley Williams are throwing for me at their house. Last week for the penultimate show, my parents had a party at The Waiting Room, a local bar in Burlington, VT. It was fun even though I got to watch the episode in front of 170 people.

    Kahuna-- I'll skip that question for now, but I'll be happy to answer it once the contract is over. Put it this way, I may be a little smarter than the way I came across on the show. I do think that ULT introduced a new perspective and I did learn a lot, but I don't know that it relates to the relationship that Amber and shared at the time.

    Butterflygirl-- Thank you. You've been extremely nice to me and to the character on the ULT. I'm also very exited about the finale. I can't wait to see it, but that means that the ride is over. Oh well, I guess I'll have to move to LA, find a bar tending or bouncer job, and become a fame-whore. --Right...
    I love the quote by Bill Cosby. I learned something as a kid that went something like this:"Stupid people learn from their own mistakes and smart people learn from the stupid peoples mistakes". It works for me, but I fall in both categories, so I guess that makes me average.
    Again, thanks for being so kind, and I wish you only the best in life as well. I hope all of your dreams come true.

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