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Thread: Amber and Diego

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    Diego! Great to have you join us . . . we almost have the whole gang here, eh? We'll look forward to talking with you more after the finale!

    By the way, not to be completely random or anything, but I noticed we have the same birthday.

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    Glad to have you here Diego. I guess you read around and saw most peoples opinion on Roy and I was wondering what you thought of him as you watched the show. Especially his speil to Amber in the Art Gallery. Thanks for stopping by and I get ready for a ton of questions.

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    Do you feel the show edited yourself and Amber in a fair way? I really liked your father taking part in the show. He's a good man that gave you a lot of good advice. I'm not sure if you can answer these questions but do you have any regrets? Would you do it all over again? And, what have you learned from all this? Glad to have you here.

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    Mantenna, an Aries huh... I could have guessed based on the way you write. I guess Aries tend to be a little opinionated, but since we're close to the sign of Taurus, that makes you and I stubborn and opinionated. On a different note, I've enjoyed all of your insight and summaries of the show.

    Clipse- I have read around... Watching Roy as a character and not judging him as a person has been interesting. My first though was "How the hell does an important doctor have time to be on a reality TV show, shouldn't he be saving lives?" --But then again, it's just a show, I personally don't believe everything I see on TV. If I put myself in the "viewers" shoes I see Roy as being the "ideal catch" for a single woman that needs guidance in her life. He is a well traveled man from a different culture that has money and a prestigious title in society, a doctor. -- It was cheesy to hear him utter: "Hi, I'm Roy, and I'm a doctor" along with an array of other lines that seemed scripted, very badly scripted... -- I'm positive that it must have been editing though. I couldn't imagine someone being such a tool.
    I honestly don't have any formed opinions about Roy as a person. From my experience I can only assume that he is very educated. I know that he' is of Thai descent, but I'm not sure if he grew up in Thailand or in the US. Honestly, he seemed like a very nice guy. Unfortunately the show made him look very rigid and almost anal, but that's the show. When I met him, he seemed very detached. I'll explain more once the show is over and I am no longer under contract.

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    So did you really want to beat Roy up like they portrayed on the show? What would you do to him if you met him in a dark alley without the cameras now?

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    You seem to practice kickboxing. Do you ever follow The Ultimate/Pride Fighting Championships?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diego
    I honestly think it's more fun if I remain to be the asshole, meat-head, cheap, roid-raging guy that beats the less fortunate for fun
    I think if you read the forums here closely, I think you'll find that you've probably been given the easiest treatment of any of the people on the show (well, except for Brooke). There've only been one or two negative things said about you. Most people think you're just a nice guy stuck in a tough situation.

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    Flash-57: I agree with you. I'm not complaining... I think it's hilarious. Nobody really knows who I am anyway, so it doesn't really matter how negative it gets. I'm not keeping tabs. I just think that the stereotype is funny, that's all... If I had negative feelings about it I wouldn't have joined the forum.

    Goomba- Funny you asked. I would never beat-up Roy unless it was in self defense. Although it would have made great TV... The funny part was that the producers and crew were nervous about how unpredictable I am so they expected the worst and asked me to be nice because nobody really wanted us to tangle.--I'm not that way anyway, but people have always stereotyped me. I'll tell you more when I can. I am trained in fighting, but I have the dicipline that comes with the training. Fighting is always a last resort in very few circumstances. If I met Roy in a dark alley, I would lead him out or get him a flashlight, because I can't imagine that he would be too comfortable in a dark alley alone.

    RycherX- I don't really follow the Ultimate fighting championships or Pride, but I am aware of what they are and I have a couple of friends that are big fans of it. I have followed a couple of the fighters and observed their styles. I like to learn as much as possible and I sometimes spar with a friend that wants to compete in fighting at that level. He studies Brazilian Jiu-Jitzu so when we spar I learn alot, but at 260lbs. he outweighs me by 40lbs. so when we spar and get in to grapling he tends to over-power me. I'm trying to find the time to start studying the art myself.

    I can't complain about the editing. I think that if your an asshole the camera will pick it up to an extent, but the same goes for if your a nice person. Also, when I decided to do this with Amber I already predicted on how they would edit us. It's pretty obvious to me. I understand how it works. I think Amber got the best part of the deal with the editing. She comes across as well spoken, sweet, and a little naive dreamer who has the world ahead of her. With the way I was edited it's a different story. I come across as the stereotypical meat-head that doesn't see beyond the bounderies of little Vermont, so therefore I'm holding her back. Holding her back so much that I almost come across as being controlling through a very short fuse. In the end I realize that it is television. There are hundreds of people that make "it" work. Lots of footage that gets summed up in a very edited 2-3 hours of total air time.
    I don't want to misslead anybody. I am an asshole by nature not by choice, I am a meat-head (I enjoy lifting weights and improving my physique and funccional strength), I like to eat big steaks (I usually pick-up the tab), I'm hot blooded and tempered, I am passionate and romantic, and I am 1,000,000 other things that you didn't see on camera or you may never wish to know about me. I think you get the idea...
    Last edited by Diego; 07-20-2004 at 03:44 PM. Reason: Forgot to answer about the editing. --Sorry

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diego
    fun and is elegiac to sunshine and bubbles...
    I'm having a tough time accepting that this is, truly Diego. I'm not buying it.
    All things beautiful do not have to be full of color to be noticed; in
    life that which is unnoticed has the most power.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno
    I'm having a tough time accepting that this is, truly Diego. I'm not buying it.
    I'll jump on that bandwagon with you Maveno.

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