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Thread: Amber and Diego

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    thanks amber

    thanks for the info. don't apologize for giving too much info. is there ever too much? that's what these forums are for.

    glad to hear that i was wrong about your childhood. i'm assuming from your comment about art being your passion, that you don't really intend to do it for a living. it seems that struggling artists are about as common as struggling actors/musicians. most are waiters/waitresses.

    just a couple of questions though. 1) how about my guess about you not being attracted to roy? would your answer give away the ending? 2) why not get your hair styled professionally? you're a cute girl, it would only help. 3) what kind of doctor is roy?

    thanks in advance.

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    That was very intresting, thanks for that Amber. The things about the producers makes you think, hopefully after the show you can come back and give us more insight on it. Thanks for taking your time to tell us all this.

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    Thanks for the info Amber. At first I thought maybe you went back to Diego but now I have a feeling in the end you picked neither guys. I know you can't tell us now but after the show please let us know what were the reasons behind your decision - thatever that may be. Give us all the behind the scenes scoop!

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    Quote Originally Posted by realityjunkie2
    my guess about you not being attracted to roy? would your answer give away the ending?
    If there were any, I am sure the producers would have surely aired it. I have heard this "connection" since the 1st or 2nd episode of the show until the final one. Obviously there is no attraction, and Amber views Roy as a tour guide of what life outside Vermont is like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kay
    I have been happily married for 6 years and think that love and commitment is very important after marriage but Amber is not married yet. This is the time to figure out who is right for you and who isn't - before you commit to marriage. You don't want to find out after you get married that the person you picked is not for you or you'll be miserable forever. If Amber's relationship with Diego was so great they wouldn't have gone on the show. Don't you see the whole point of the show? The whole purpose of them being on the show is to test their relationship and figure out if they should stay together. It did a lot of good for Brandon's ex-girlfriend (I forgot her name). Can you imagine if that girl married Brandon and then found out it was a mistake?

    Oh, one more thing. I wouldn't go for a guy just because he is HOT looking. That wears quite thin after a short while. Some caring, consideration, and brains between the ears is more important. Just my opinion.

    Right, Amber is not married yet, we know that. And yes, she does need to figure out what she REALLY wants before she walks down the aisle with anybody - YES, I know the point of this show is because the couples were at a crossroads in their relationship and needed to "test" their relationship PLUS as an added bonus the underlying point of going on this show is to WIN $100,000 - which they did. I am happy for both of them and have rooted for this relationship to work out but if it does not, Amber will have a nice life and so will Diego - either way, it does not matter to me. By the way, her name was Kenesha and as we all learned on national tv, she should have already dumped him after learning of his affair with TWO girls but she needed this to dump him??? Whatever??? As far as Diego being "HOT" - my opinion, not everyone's, he can use it to his advantage if he wants. I believe most relationships start from a physical attraction and then grow into more and I think after watching the show, we have all realized that Diego cares tremedously for Amber, not many Men would cry over a woman on national television. I am happy for both of them and hope they both have a wonderful life, now I know that is possible since they both won the money - even though Diego says he does not want it and that he will give it to Amber, I hope his is wiser than that, that money could help him with what he desires, and as a Personal Trainer and that could open some doors for his dreams as well. JMO ALSO - thanks Amber for your last post - very insightful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kahuna
    I give Diego the benefit of the doubt for this as I believe the producers probably had a hand what happened specifically at the restaurant.
    Right. Picture something like,

    Diego: "I'm going over to Amber's mom's home and ask for her blessing."
    Producer (to mom): "Diego's coming over."
    Mom: "Oh heavens, the house is filthy. I don't want you filming here."
    Producer: "How about over lunch at the local diner? We'll pick up the tab."

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    ... Good Scenario. Flash

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    Mom: But, I've already eaten lunch."
    Producer: "Well then, just order a salad. You don't even have to eat it. You can just pick at it."
    Mom: "Okay. Diego will probably order a big steak, if he knows it's on the house!"
    Producer: "That's Okay. We'll just edit the footage to make him look like a freeloader."

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    Thank you guys for all the support! --Positive or negative, thank you...
    It has been so much fun to follow all of the different perspectives about the show and the characters involved. It's hilarious!
    Well, I don't want to spoil all of the fun, but I must say that I decided to eat the huge steak because I was very hungry not just because I am this huge meat-head worried about my protein requirements for the day. Well, I guess that's pretty funny too, so I guess if you guys get a laugh out if it and it makes a good topic for posting -- I'm on your side... It's funny to me as well.
    If you guys really care about who I am, feel free to ask, I'll do my best to answer what I can without violating my contract (It happens to be longer than the War and Peace novel). Then again, it could make me seem human and less shallow... I think that may ruin the show for some of you. I honestly think it's more fun if I remain to be the asshole, meat-head, cheap, roid-raging guy that beats the less fortunate for fun and is elegiac to sunshine and bubbles... After it's all over, I'll be happy to chat, because many of you have great advice and insight on relationships and life.
    One thing you should know, is that I am a huge fan of all of you and this forum.
    Again, thank you...

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