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Thread: Amber and Diego

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    Quote Originally Posted by unique mindset
    LMAO what do you expect Diego is a cheap guy, oh I forogt he is a 24 years old broke man that still live with his parents. If someone know Diego tell him with the 49,000 that he won, tell him to invest in some education and do something with his life.

    Did you see how he just got up and left the mom sitting there - sticking her with the bill? Not classy.

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    unique mindset
    Quote Originally Posted by kay
    Did you see how he just got up and left the mom sitting there - sticking her with the bill? Not classy.
    are you serious?, I did'nt notice

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    Yeah, you see him getting up and rushing out 'cause he was going to get the ring. I don't know if I was reading into it a bit too much but the mom seemed a bit stunned. 'Cause don't you remember it was Diego who wanted to talk to the mom about Amber? Then he just leaves her sitting there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kay
    Did you see how he just got up and left the mom sitting there - sticking her with the bill? Not classy.
    I give Diego the benefit of the doubt for this as I believe the producers probably had a hand what happened specifically at the restaurant. Did the filming crew arrive ahead of time to get permission from the restaurant and did the producers give any guidance to Amber's mom regarding things should could or could not say? I think so, especially if Amber's mom did help gather Amber's artwork as Flash-57 suggested.

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    my 2 cents

    amber and diego are a puzzling couple. 1) amber wants to be an artist but has never been to an art gallery. she's traveled quite a bit (according to her website) yet has never taken the time to go to new york or boston to check out a gallery. that makes me wonder how sincere she is about pursuing a career in art. maybe she doesn't believe she has the talent to succeed or she is simply a dreamer. her motivation is suspect. 2) at age 24, she's never been to a salon. she must be from a very low income family or her mother is a hair stylist. 3) why did diego ask her mother for 'her blessing' instead of her father. i'm guessing her father has never been in the picture or died when she was very young. that would explain her attraction to a loser like diego. 4) she's not physically attracted to roy. she's just been playing the game for the money. Roy's going to be bitter disappointed when the show's over. 5) diego will never amount to much. he's obviously not big on education. he's 24 or so and still lives at home. he spends his time lifting weights and working parttime at dead end jobs. he'll forever be a $10/hr worker. 6) i loved diego's line about 'if i had money and connections, i'd arrange for amber's art to be shown in a gallery'. unfortunately, he doesn't have the money or connections. 7) what has diego done during to show that he loves amber? he said that he's proven so much during the show. i just don't get it. 8) amber will choose diego because now with the money, she'll give him another try. why people think $50K is so much money is beyond me. alot of people make that kind of money a month. 9) the editing reminds me of temptation island. it's almost impossible to tell what's actually happening. 10) what kind of doctor is roy? i seem to remember that in an early episode, they said he did research. is he a phd or md? if he's really doing research, he doesn't have the money to live his current lifestyle. 11) i love how roy and c.r. spend the producer's money on their dates and act like it's their money. 12) amber is emotionally closed. she must have had a difficult childhood. she's like ice. that would also explain her attraction to diego, a guy who's not emotionally available. 13) lastly, good luck amber. you deserve better than diego.

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    I looked around but couldn't find a link to amber's website. Would someone post a link please? TIA

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    amber's website

    amberrood - at the w's yourself. the message thread won't let me.

    i can't say that i really like the still life art but the body art is pretty good.

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    does anyone here actually know amber? i'm curious to know what she's really like.

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    Hey guys.......

    Just wanted to say that I think that all of your chatting about little me is quite interesting! For those of you who have mentioned the producers and their "effect" on things, you are in headed in the right direction! I had a really great time doing the show, but I have to say that I now realize so much about reality TV that I didn't before. Wish I could say more, but I am not able to. I can tell you that the editing is a huge part it!

    As for the my artistic side- it's just my passion. I adore traveling, and hand in hand is my photography. I grew up with a lot of love and acceptance, but not much financial wealth. I have always had to work for what I want/need! I wouldn't change it for anything, as I believe so much character comes from such an up-bringing. You learn to really appreciate the things you have.

    If you look on my website ( it's amberrood.com) you will find my more recent work. It was a little disappointing that they didn't get what I consider to be my best work to the show in LA. However it was very exciting- and a little odd, to be honest- to see my stuff on the walls!

    My childhood was actually quite wonderful....and yes my dad is in the picture! My parents are separated, but still very good friends. I grew up in the country ( I guess that's obvious) and was taught to love and appreciate the absolute splendor of Nature. My grandfather, Ron Rood, was a Naturalist and Author, who loved to travel. ( That's where I get my adventurous (sp.?) side.) His kindness inspired many people. My mom is the most amazing person in my life, she always excepts me for who I am. I think that the producers simply chose her to be in the interview because of how close we are.

    As kids, my siblings and I learned to make the best of what we had, and how to have fun with out much money. We love camping at the beach (road trips), hiking, and playing outside. That's why the "camping" trip in Santa Barbara was so humorous to me! Somehow ( despite being raised as a small town, country family) we have all seemed to find the aspirations to do more than live the sheltered "country-life". ( No offense to anyone who may enjoy that lifestyle......)
    My younger brother Yale is a phenomenal snowboarder, and is on the brink of becoming Pro. My wild spirit leads me to dream of other lands and cultures, and the idea of being able to support myself through my artistic talents! It's just a hard thing to get started, and a really tough business to make it in! I know this ( I'm not stupid!) hence the lack of pursuit in the past. Being with Diego was also slowing me down ( in terms of my need for adventure and travel) and causing many issues in our relationship. This is one of the reasons we decided to do the show. Another (obviously) was for the money. I realize that 50K isn't that much in the bigger scheme of life, but to me it is enough to get something really great started!

    Okay, I'm Sorry to give so much info. in this post. It was not my intention.....but such is life! Thank you all for your interest in the show, and for all of the great posts. A show would be nothing without the viewers!!!

    (And by the way, I had never had my hair "styled"...believe it or not!)

    (Check out my site if you get a chance- amberrood.com!)

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    Thanks for the interesting info, Amber. I hope we can get to know more of the "real you" and your thoughts on the show after next week!

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