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Thread: The Ultimate Love Test, ABC June 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno
    funnygirl, I don't know whether I should be happy that you knew the correct ring order/meanings or SAD/worried that you remembered it so well. I'm sorta leaning towards worried.

    Aw, I'm touched.

    The only reason I knew that is it's the only reality show that I have to concentrate on right now. My nights have been very boring and I have an opportunity to concentrate on the minor details I usually miss when we're in full reality mode.

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    My predictions so far

    Amber/Diego-- They'll probably mak eit because they're issue isn't that big and they seem to both really like each other, and Diego is the only one that seems to actually *like* his partner and not just want to keep her close to him. She also seems really into him and it's a good sign that the first thing she thought when meeting Roy was Diego's reaction to him.

    Heather/Frank--- I think they'll stay together too, there is a reason Heather left CR and I'm sure when Frank realizes he can lose her, he'll do *something* to get her back. Hopefully he'll show some emotion doing it tho, and will stop throwing things arond .

    Brandon/Kenesha--- I doubt they'll stay together, he'll cheat adn she'll probably leave him. Unless she gives him ANOTHER chance, which I doubt. Never know tho, but he seems like a complete loser.

    Jayre/Carolyn-- They both scare me, and I dont' have much to say about them except that they seem very odd as a couple.

    Big: You know, Manhattan has a lot of beautiful women.
    Carrie: What an amazing observation!
    Big: But the thing is, after awhile, you just wanna be with the one who makes you laugh.
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    I don't know, is this show worth watching? I did enjoy Temptation Island (well, the first one anyway) as it was basically the same thing and it was fun to watch those people knowingly do stupid things, and their honest reactions. This is almost the same, but... maybe I've outgrown it. Is the cast any good? I just read a recap at RNO and it sounds like it might be shades of TI-1.
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    Siryn, just from the first episode, I'm finding these people more interesting than anyone on any of the Temptation Island series. (And that include the British and Australian T.I.'s.)

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    Reading your thoughts
    It definitely is shades of TI-1, but we have only just begun.
    We are getting to know the players a lot better than other reality shows.

    The people involved will no doubt make fools of themselves and their relationships, being plied with all the free liquor they can consume.

    I just don't know how one "forgets" they are on TV and throw caution to the wind. $100,000 is not a million dollar prize, but they all look like they could use the money.

    I like the show and will continue to watch.

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    Hey, Im glad you guys are liking the show so far! Its only just begun! I think we are all in for a wild ride!


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    Jayre and Caroline are a classic example of a passive aggressive power play. She exerts her power when she feels threatened, yet falls into the whiny child when things aren't going her way. He just seems too lazy to really move out of the situation because it's comfortable.

    When he asked his first date to call him "Big Daddy", I was on the floor.
    This doesn't bode well for Caroline, her reaction to the video was predictable and disturbing as well.

    The fact that Frank still lives with his parents at 33 should have dawned on Heather that this manboy isn't maturing at a great rate. He is so scared of making any major decisions, it has to be frustrating for her.

    I was thrown for a loop when Brandon is reunited with an old flame. This is the perfect test for him, but I don't see him being faithful, not after his reaction to seeing his old crush. Kenesha, the handwriting on the wall is GRAFFITI!

    I have my best hopes for Amber and Diego, I think she can be more objective about living out her wish to expanding her horizons, but still being faithful to him.

    This show seems genuine and I can't wait to see the next show.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sepialove
    I have my best hopes for Amber and Diego, I think she can be more objective about living out her wish to expanding her horizons, but still being faithful to him.
    I agree, but only because Amber has less to be tempted by than the others. Two of the others have attractions from their past there. And, Jayre has, well, Carolyn :rolleyes to go back to.

    I'm not quite so sure why Roy is a tempation for Amber...? As far as physical attraction, I don't see it myself.

    And, so he's a doctor. Most women aren't all that impressed by that anymore since they can make a name for themselves and not rely on their man. Besides, wouldn't his profession tie her down as well? If not now, eventually? Can he really just up and travel all over?

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    Quote Originally Posted by katkitty
    And, Jayre has, well, Carolyn :rolleyes to go back to.
    So true! Oh man, I'm so anxious for the next episode!

    Welcome CR! Good to have an insider chilling with us!

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    i'm really excited about this show. it's definitely a TI spin off. speaking of TI, i think amber looks like stephanie from TI3. anyone else think so?

    imo, amber and kenesha are both really pretty.

    does anyone else think jayre is a complete loser?

    looks like brandon is going to cheat on kenesha, again. they're done.

    what are your thoughts on that doctor, roy? as an asian american, i think its funny one is playing a lead role in a reality series. what's up with the mullet though?

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