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Thread: 8/21 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I thought this was a most boring finale. I stopped watching and came on this thread to find out how much the actual treasure was worth. Thanks to all of you who stuck it out so I didn't have to.

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    I enjoyed this show for the most part and the ending was fine because I didn't like or dislike any team too much. I have a bad habit of doing that- right now Big Brother has got me pulling my hair out the way it's going- so I was open to any team winning.
    Very suprised the prize was so large, especially since this was a summer show and summer-like ratings. But they did keep saying millions and delivered. If it's on again next summer, I'll be watching.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom View Post
    Nice hall they are shooting in, isn't it?
    Yes, the National Building Museum is one of my favorite buildings in D.C. A friend and I were exploring around the top of the columns on some upper floors when they came and told us we weren't supposed to be up there.

    I couldn't believe it when a previous episode said Katey Fogal was 24! She acts like she's about 10 and her parents handled the physical stuff much better than she did. And then they sort of shrugged off her childish behavior! Glad I turned this off after the "Geniuses" found the gold. I think they needed the pressure before they really put their minds to work.

    Thanks for recapping the rest of the show, everyone!

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    I spoke to Francis before the show aired and if I knew he was worth over 1 million dollars, I would've been a lot nicer to him. I just can't believe it. Based on his demeanor, he didn't seem any different. It was as if money didn't phase him at all. Although I find him extremely annoying, I respect that he's still himself.

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    That is one....huge....prize. I'm not sure we will see this show again, I had no idea they were putting up this much. They really should have promoted that piece of it and they may have gotten a bigger audience. This is MUCH more than AR and Survivor even. There should have been more money spent on the live show portion with sound problems and Mac'Laird physically yanking the Genius's from the losers. A rehersal was definately in order.

    Did anyone else have a South Park moment with the online winner treasure hunt? I saw the lady in the wheelchair and thought that is so completely unfair its almost humorous. I really need to stop watching that show. Also adding, it looked like it was your typical 200 degree humid heat in DC that day. I would have been happy with the 10k.

    I liked the show, I learned a lot of American History that didn't get absorbed during my high school days.
    They serenaded the newest champs in this city of champs, and taunted Kobe Bryant and his Lakers, who drowned in a green-and-white wave for 48 minutes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jake8203 View Post
    Francis is going to help his parents and grandparents who just retired and Charles will use his for Medical School and Sam will set up a clinic with his. So they all plan good things. Could you imagine what the Hanlons or Southies would do with theirs? Or the Foggles would probably give theirs to jesus. Out of the three groups Im glad the geniuses won.
    Francis is also going to Medical School.
    No goat killers on my island.

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    I enjoyed this show glad to see the geniuses win but was pulling for Air Force. Kinda got a little tired of the way the Southie boys interacted with each other.

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    Overall I thought the series was fun to watch. Something my children and I could enjoy together. Sorry AF didn't win, but at least the money will go toward good things. Thought the online winners challenge was b o r i n g. But that's more of a function of it being thrown together than because I didn't care about the players. When the winner held up the Genworth plaque, all I could think of was little Ralphie exclaiming: "It's a crummy commercial?".
    This was one of the few summer filler shows I would watch again. The online game was fun and trying to guess the tv clues with the competitors was fun too - and making fun of Katye. Say what you will about that girl, she was darned entertaining!
    Next time, they should forgo the online winner's TV challenge; draw the winner's names, announce them online and send them a check. Or show the producers presenting the checks to the winners at home. The $100,000challenge was overkill. IMHO of course.
    "If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough." - Mario Andretti

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucy View Post
    I could do without wasting time with this mini-hunt.
    OMG yes! Thank god I DVR'd it. I just FF thru that part. Just as said previously, who cares. We dont know any of those people. Poorly produced reunion.

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    I was really hoping the AF would win it all, and the geniuses were my last place team, but they were so excited that I just couldn't be upset that they actually won. And I remembered that AF won $50,000 earlier in the show, so good for them. Brooke seems so funny, with her comment about the robots reproducing.

    AF was my favorite team thruout. They are a class act. Even when the lost, and that had to be disappointing, they genuninely seemed happy for the boys. And fair about it all too, that it was hard and they all spent so many hours in there.

    I hope they do this show again as my whole family enjoyed it so much.

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