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Thread: 8/21 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Well, hadn't they promised the biggest reality-show prize ever this whole time? I can't imagine it was based on ratings -- judging from the show's tepid response on this site, at least.
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    Well I am gone...its been really fun meeting with ya'll here each Monday night and I will miss it...still 6 weeks before LOST starts and I don't know what I am gonna do...

    I for one hope they do another season of this show..I have enjoyed all the history and the things I have learned just by watching this....

    Would have liked it better if the Genisus hadn't won

    WTG Brooke...good luck with your baby

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greeneyespy View Post
    Would have liked it better if the Genisus hadn't won
    Use some imagination and maybe we can envision Sam and Francis doing good things with it, and nasty little Charles gambling his portion away in Vegas or something... Or here's an idea. One of the Miss USA girls makes him a Sugar Daddy, but manages to go through the money in about a week for him.
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    Well, that was pretty anti-climactic. 3 million dollars is a pretty nice chunk of change, though. Way to go, Geniuses.
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    I am pissed, disappointed, in a deep blue funk, please lets have a do over Air Force should have won. I cannot believe Geniuses won, can't we just give the money to Air Force.

    Oh, did anyone else have problems with the sound. The music was so loud that half the time I couldn't hear Laird or the minime Treasure Challenge Hunters????

    Air Force Rocks!
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    I loved the show. I hope they bring it back. I missed the episode where the CIA group was barely beat by the Geniuses, but generally speaking, it seemed like a fair outcome.

    My only issue is what one of the Beauty Queens said. The physical challenges were not balanced fairly between men and women. Although I suppose that could be said about the intellectual challenges and some of the players.

    And, the contestants choose their partners knowing full well that they don't know what to expect.

    I suppose all-in-all, it works out in the end for what it is.

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    Wow, that was a great finale! It seemed as if the Geniuses would win from last week's episode, but it was up in the air once all the teams made it into the chamber.

    The answer to the cryptex was quite difficult (I'm not quite sure if I ever would have figured it out). The Geniuses definitely were not my favorite team overall, but if they could figure out the answer, then they deserved to win.

    I thought Air Force might slip in at the last second and win the treasure, as they have figured out clues pretty quickly in the past. I knew Southie Boys weren't going to win. I liked them, but they're as dumb as a bag of rocks. They would still be trying to figure out how to get in the chamber if Air Force hadn't come along.

    When Air Force was looking at the star symbol on the wall in the chamber, I wonder if they had pressed it in without opening their cryptex, if the treasure chamber would have opened. I can't imagine it would have without figuring out the cryptex first.

    It was cool to see the contestants and how they are doing now. I am excited for Brooke and Matt on their pregnancy. The Wild Hanlons are still as dumb as they were originally.

    I thought the Treasure Hunt for the at-home winners was pretty cool. I just wish I would have won one of the $10,000 dollars spots, as I know I could have kicked all of their asses. I knew the locations (I have visited Washington, DC many times.) I knew the Old Post Office right away. I did not understand why these people were just taking a nice slow stroll down the street. When I'm competing for $100,000 dollars, I'm going to be running until my legs fall off. I could have outrun them all.

    When they revealed the Treasure amount, I almost fell out of my chair. 3 MILLION DOLLARS!? That is a massive prize. No reality show has ever given away that much. 1 million dollars a piece is great.

    I have really enjoyed this show and I hope they do bring it back for another season (I doubt it, though). I would like them to travel to many other countries like on 'The Amazing Race'. I do like that they really have to think to solve the clues. Being the most athletic team doesn't mean anything, and the Geniuses definitely proved that.

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    First I'd like to say

    I'm really going to miss this show. It's become one of my favorites. I hate sad endings like this one, but the rest of the show was great.

    Miss USA bitched about the physical challenges and said how well they did without mentioning that they did half of the hunt hooked up with other teams.

    Air Force was a class act to the end. Loved Brooke's line about "the robots are multiplying", but she should have said "replicating". This was in response to the ex-CIA guy's line about them being robots and that it was man vs machine from that point on. I wonder if AF took this as a negative comment. I'm not sure the other teams were able to say anything bad about them even when they were trying to gang up to get them eliminated.

    The Fogals seem determined to be deluded about their game play. I loved Kayte's expression when the Boston Boys said she sounded like a 2 year old having a fit. I was shocked that AF confirmed that they let them find the artifact in the church. My guess is that they told them that, but looked for it anyway. They just played too dirty to give them the benefit of the doubt. :nono

    I liked the CIA guys asking for a "do over" when they were told they were only 2 seconds behind the miserable Genius'. I wonder if the Fogals congregation will be heard to say "We've been fogalled."?

    The Hanlons admitted to fogalling themselves. Biggy sized Brown said that learning to swim in 4' of pool water didn't prepare him for the ocean.

    Boston Boys fought the most, but some of the fights were pretty funny. "Shut up. No. YOU Shut up." I wonder if it's OK to beat up someone as long as they are on your team?

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    I got into this show kind of late, so I don't think I have the same take on the finalists as everybody else. I'm not sure why everybody seems to hate Charles, but I was impressed that he said he wanted to use his winnings to go to medical school.

    BTW, I must have blinked somewhere along the line and missed it tonight, but what happened to the viewers' challenge? The last thing I saw was the guy from Mississippi trudging along to the National Building Museum and a woman following close behind saying she was going to win. Who actually won? I should have been in on this challenge. I live just outside of D.C. and know that area as well as I know my hand. I could soooooo have won that challenge!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom View Post
    Use some imagination and maybe we can envision Sam and Francis doing good things with it, and nasty little Charles gambling his portion away in Vegas or something... Or here's an idea. One of the Miss USA girls makes him a Sugar Daddy, but manages to go through the money in about a week for him.
    Francis is going to help his parents and grandparents who just retired and Charles will use his for Medical School and Sam will set up a clinic with his. So they all plan good things. Could you imagine what the Hanlons or Southies would do with theirs? Or the Foggles would probably give theirs to jesus. Out of the three groups Im glad the geniuses won.

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