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Thread: Live Finale Will Reveal Worth of Treasure

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    if i where the geniuses, id sue for a lump sum.............


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    OMG, another annuity. Didn't For Love Or Money dance around the million dollar prize by using an annuity which was basically worth about $15,000/year after taxes? I wonder if you could take a lump sum. At least the Geniuses were using it for education, med school. Very admirable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by luvcures1 View Post
    I read the fine print.....its 3 million..over 25 years! Its some type of anunity.
    I'd take it - where do I sign up.
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    If you split it three ways to the $1,000,000 apiece, it ends up being $40,000 a year for 25 years--pretaxes, of course. It will probably end up half of that amount. Not nearly as appealing as a million dollars, but you know these crazy kids today. This way they can't blow it all at one time.

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    I saw the fine print too. At first I thought it said 75 years! But I'm sure it's 25. The real winner here is probably Genworth Financial. They got a lot of ad time out of this show,although with the low ratings maybe it wasn't that great of a deal. I did read where the winners can take a lump-sum payout, but it's figured at present value, which means it might be something like $400,000 in cash. I haven't done PV's since college, but I know it's always a big drop down. At least on Survivor you actually get a million.

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