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Thread: 8/14 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    With all due respect to Clint...

    The bottom line is that we don't want the faux Genius' to win, because we hate their TV show guts. They have been more arrogant and annoying than the Fogals and Hanlons combined.

    I also want to point out that the guy (Sam?) they considered dead weight on their team is probably the only reason they are still in this. His navigating and problem solving skills were key from that point on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pg13 View Post
    PS--But, speaking as a tv-only viewer of this show...I have to say that the strategy to fill up most of the "live" finale with a live competition between the on-line game winners--who we've haven't spent an entire season learning about and debating about--is a rather foolish gambit...
    Risky? Sure. Yet these summer shows are a great way to try something a little different without the same ratings pressure of the regular season. Time will tell if it was foolish or smart.
    As a player of the online game (who had the right answer a month ago thankyouverymuch), I am looking forward to vicariously playing the live competition.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CCL View Post
    Excellent! I missed this week's episode and forgot to tape it so this is good news.
    Well, my sources, TV guide and TV Yahoo both said that the first hour of So You Think You Can Dance finale was a repeat of the previous week's broadcast. They were wrong. So now I am not so sure about the first hour and taping all 2 hours to be on the safe side. But at least I can devote my full energy to TH now that thankfully HK is off the air.
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