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Thread: 7/24 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Does anyone know what the key is of?

    If you would like to know (95% sure)..read on.

    I'm pretty sure the key is that of the Priory of Sion( Pi-Si ) was on the key, and the climbing of the mountains tipped me off onto which the Knights Templar climbed down the mountains hiding the Priory of Sion's prized possession, in which the church wanted very badly. It is a shot about the mountain, but I'm 95% sure about the key.

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    Damn, I was actually enjoying the Fogal Force wish they had stayed around just a bit longer. It was price less to watch Team Air Force not make a commitment to an alliance during the ferry ride, they were so stony faced when the Fogals where talking to them.

    This must be a first where the native helpers screwed up a team. This never happened in all the seasons of The Amazing Race.
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    They should have known better than to follow Kayte's lead talking to the French girls. She hasn't been right yet, has she?
    Glad it was AF that got the key.
    The Fogal's definitely got the sympathy edit this episode. The Geniuses have started getting the bad guy edit the last couple weeks. The Hanlons got the bad edit (rightfully so) just before they were eliminated. Perhaps the Geniuses will be the next to go.
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    Use of Ask.Com

    I am confused, are they only allowed to use Ask.com at certain times. It seems to me that once they got the mask, they could have figured out it was Layfayette and then Benjamin Franklin from there. I was also able to find some information on Ben Franklin being a spy. It seems like they could do alot of research while in the plane, the car, the ferry, waiting around, etc... instead of just beating their heads on the wall trying to figure things out. Can someone shed light on this?
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    Good question Peach. I would think they'd need to be near a wired/ wireless router in order to connect up. There must be some sort of rules that were set re: internet use. This is one more thing where we viewers are left in the dark about how the game really took place.

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    I think this game is interesting. I was proud of myself tonight when I knew they were talking of Lafayette before they even arrived at the statue. I think it could use better editing and explanations of rules etc. I like how they have to work to find the artifact/clues.

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    When they first found the mask with the next clue saying the answer was behind the man I immediately thought the clue was in the mask. Had they thought to break it right then and there would they have been sent directly to London? I think so. Seems the entire point of the game is to solve the clue anyway you can. Myabe they someone will do this next week and be able to skip a step.

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    Now that the Fogals are gone, who will serve as my children's example on how not to behave?
    I wanted to see Katye go into the catacombs and hear her screeches echo off the walls when she saw the bones!
    I agree that team Genius is being set up as the new Team We Love to Hate.
    Peach and Dogbat - I was wondering about those things, too.
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    bye bye Fogals!!! I'm glad they helped Air Force....I was worried watching that conversation on the Ferry!

    I'm watching too.....but can't post at the same time

    Hubby remembered the B. Franklin/LaFayette connection from some John Jakes books we read a long time ago....

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    I am happy the fogals are gone too. No need to sit in the corner.

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