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Thread: 7/17 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by dberk View Post
    Wasn't it the Miss USA's that begged the Hanlons in Alaska to help them find the a buried clue? They were still the last to get it, but there was no elimination at that time. I guess they realized that asking for help digging at that point was crossing the line.
    give them gals some credit they dont WHINE...they don't SCREAM...they don't STOMP THEIR FEET and CRY OUT LOUD....I just thought it would have been nice for one of the others that finished to help them out some with the digging...but I give them credit for hanging in there and giving it alot...and yes I believe they asked MULLET head for help, but I think they realized quickly that was a mistake...lol....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iamsohooked View Post
    Personally I think her parents need to be smacked for allowing this behavior to continue - she learned this somewhere before this - I would say she has always whined to get her way and attention - shame on mom & dad for not teaching her better!
    She's an adult, too late to blame the parents for the behavior. They should be slapped for not leaving her behind.
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    I finally watched this weeks show and it was pretty good. I like how the clues are harder than TAR's and you have to think sometimes getting luck along the way.
    Katey Fogal can leave anytime, she is such a whiner. (she is lucky mom and dad are her teammates or she would of been left behind)
    Brown's were classy and sad to see them go (again)
    Air Force, CIA, Southy's look like team to beat.

    But I am pulling for the geniuses
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    A couple of things...

    I missed the previous week's episode...so I didn't see whatever lead them into the swamp. Did the teams have equal footing when the began this "two-episode long" section of the race?

    The reason I ask that is...the teams are ALWAYS in the same order on every show. Air Force & Ex-CIA in front...Fogals & Southie Boys in the middle...Browns at the end. Now, in some ways...this shows that the course is well designed because the teams end up in the places they're "meant to be" in based on their abilities. But, contrarily, it also indicates that it is BAD course design...and makes for less than compelling television...in that there's nothing that would shake things up a bit or give the edge to a different team's different abilities.

    Example--everyone except for the Geniuses took to the quilt search task with brute force--they just searched every quilt until they felt where the message was hidden... The Geniuses put on their red glasses and saw the star on the pouch and recognized what they had to look for... But, by that time in the leg, IT REALLY DIDN'T HELP THEM!

    Now, I happen to like the fact that there were multiple ways to solve the puzzle (you could have noticed that "RED" was in red in the word "fREeDom" on the door...to lead you to putting on your red glasses...or you could just grab every quilt and do it by brute force and luck)--and I don't even mind that no one on the show has figured out that the Genworth Financial ads have very specific clues to help the teams...but they haven't quite figured out how to make a course that balances the physical and mental challenges...and, more damningly, they haven't come up with mental challenges that favor the teams that are supposed to be able to counter their lack of physical strength with their smarts. Right now, luck seems more important in the mental challenges than smarts--and that's a sign of poor course design.

    And ending this leg on a completely random dig task? With absolutely NO help from anything you may have noticed on the leg? Again--poor course design.

    Now...let's talk about the Brown Family for a second.

    Episode One: Keith can't swim...so, in the second task of the show--jumping off the main boat and swimming to the smaller boat...production staffers need to jump in the water and drag him to the boat. THEN...they don't show the Brown's diving for the underwarter clue at all. THEN...despite being very, very last...they are saved by the fact that the first episode was a non-elimination episode.

    Episode two: The Brown's simply "guess" Mt. Rushmore...and still struggle to climb the hill to get to the combination locked boxes. Luckily for them, two teams hadn't guessed "Mt. Rushmore" and are later than they are...

    Episode three: The Brown's tip out of their canoe on their trip... Again, it seems, production crew members have to jump in to save Keith from what turns out to be very shallow water...AND they must have salvaged their sunken canoe for them (off camera, of course.) They pass the grad students as one of them has torn her MCL ligament and they're basically moving one hop at a time...and they catch up to the "I've got to have a burger" Hanlons...but STILL can't find the artifact and are out of the game...

    Episode four: ...out of the game, that is, until the grad student girls are forced to drop out due to a leg injury, putting the Brown's back in. (Were they given the grad students' compass, by the way?) In another "work with another team" episode, they are teamed up with a team that wants to screw them over...and it is only the ability to read Roman numerals that keeps the Brown's (who were in last place throughout this episode) in the game.

    Episode five: According to the wonderful Lucycap, the Browns fall to last immediately again...Keith gets injured--but, luckily for him, he does so on a leg where dropping a team member is an option...so, instead of it being a game ender (like it was for the Grad Students)--it seems like the Browns will just continue on with the show

    Episode six: ...except that a deus ex machina announcement from Robohost that the Browns can "choose to continue without Keith AND CAN SKIP THE REMAINING SWAMP PART OF THIS LEG but will be penalized by six hours" or they can quit...

    Hell, I think that ALL of the teams would have rather have been penalized six hours and skipped the swamp (and the quilt house, evidently...) Where's Treasure Hunters' version of Romber when you need someone to justify not eating four pounds of meat?

    So...no swamp, no rooting through quilts, no figuring out where to go... And, when Robohost tells them the "clue" they need for the theatre segment (the clue they didn't find in the quilt house on their own)--he doesn't even give them the same clue the other teams got. The other teams got a cryptic "This warrants some reflection" in the quilt message that the teams could take seriously or ignore--the Brown's were told by Robohost "All I can tell you is that 'this bears some reflection.'"

    But, of course, by now anyone trying to figure out what the rules of this show's game might actually be have slashed their wrists in frustration...how many times do we not see teams actually completing a task (it happened a couple of times tonight--as there were a couple of teams that we didn't see at Fort Pulaski)--but I seriously wonder if ANY team in the HISTORY of competition based reality tv were given as many chances as the Brown Family...only to see them remain in last or nearly last in every single episode?

    I'm cynical enough to think that the show's producers will find SOME way to get the Brown's back on the show next week anyway...

    "Well, despite the fact that the grand total of what you did on the 7/17 show was to sit around for six hours and then blow on a mirror...we DID hear Team USA say they quit--and despite the fact that they decided NOT to quit and that they actually found their death mask, we heard them say "I quit"--so, Brown Family...your hunt continues..."


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    Quote Originally Posted by pg13 View Post
    I'm cynical enough to think that the show's producers will find SOME way to get the Brown's back on the show next week anyway...
    Don't even think it! I was expecting Biggie Sized Brown to drop dead from a heart attack since ep 1. Stick them with a fork - they're DONE. The physical requirements of the Hunt should have made the producers more careful in the casting. "I played football 10-20 years ago." is irrelevant today.

    The canoeing leads us to believe that after every rest stop the teams start together. Unless they choose to sleep in, like the Hanlons did.

    There is a lot of driving and part of the mental part of the game is navigating and observing. The puzzles are getting harder too.

    To take another team's word rather than follow the clue for themselves is just stupid and any team that does that deserves to be fogalled. Unless, of course, partnering is made part of the game.

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    There was no way the producers could give a 6 hour penalty to the Grad Student team for losing a member due to injury like they did the Browns. The second part of the next leg required teams to pair up and go to separate locations. Imposing this penalty would have caused another team to be penalized too, and possibly created a situation whereby these 2 teams would immediately recognize they would fighting each other to avoid elimination.

    Likewise, when Keith Brown was injured, there was still much of the race to complete and the format requires all to get the artifact, not just avoid elimination. I believe the producers had to create something on the spur on the moment to keep the episode going.

    It seems the physicality of this contest can be an undoing. It took 12 seasons of Survivor to eliminate 2 contestants for medical reasons, and this show has accomplished this in 4 episodes. At this rate, the show not will be about who is eliminated, but who doesn't have to withdraw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goalwatcher View Post
    I'd almost like to set Katye Fogal up on a date with my ex-husband so she could make his life miserable.
    Luckily for your ex she's already married--for now anyway--their joint website is down....maybe he's been watching the show!

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    THe letters on the door of the quilt house were FROM (in Blue) and RED (in red) From Red. All the clues were hidden in red squares on the quilt, but not a single one caught on to that clue.

    The History Channel has been running a 13 part series this summer on the American Revolution. The portrait they showed on Treasure hunters was the same one that they showed on the History Channel show, but for the life of me, I cannot think who it is.

    I do know that General Nathanial Greene is buried in Savannah and was a Revoluntionary War hero, but not sure if he was born outside of America. Pulaski is too obvious as they just went to Ft. Pulaski. He was polish.

    Damn, I wish I had kept my recordings of the previous Revolution shows so I could remember who this is.
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    I don't remember exactly how the clue was worded - buried on American soil or buried in American soil; or specifically buried in Savannah? When Gen. Lafayette returned to France, he took a plot of American soil with him and he is buried in it.
    I'm pretty sure the clue was a Revolutionary War hero, but the recap states Civil War, so now I'm more confused and will just wait for tonight.
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