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Thread: Where did it go wrong?

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    FORT Fogey Super Goten's Avatar
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    Aug 2004
    I think it's a good show too. TAR is better but i'm not really going to compare the two.

    I think to make it better, they need better editing. That's it, just get the most exciting parts on the show, we dont need to hear the clue 3 times. Cast some better people, but i understand you might not get the best on the first season of a show
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    I like the show, too. It emphasizes puzzle solving rather than rewarding the worst of human behavior. That's what TAR did in its earliest seasons. I wouldn't miss it back then; I rarely bother with it now.
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    This show is alright but its a competition and there is TOO MUCH working together! It makes it kind of boring. THe same starting time also messes it up.
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    My family really enjoys this show. All 3 of us really are getting into it. Of course we all liked the movie National Treasure too, maybe there's a correlation!

    I do wish they'd show less of the clues. He only needs to say it one time for us to get it, and then they could show more of what's happening if we didn't have to listen to everyone's cell phone message.

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    FORT Fogey
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    Jun 2004
    I have to fault the editing too. I wish they would tell us more about the clues before the searching starts. There is too much looking around, etc. before they clue us in (the audience) as to what the teams are looking for. The episode with the Browns in the swamp was especially bad.

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    In episode 1 where a team member couldn't physically swim, so the show had to drag him. Where is the competition in that? Some of the physical activity was too tough initially (especially considering certain contestants) and there was no alternatives for the contestants. At least in the Amazing Race u have alternatives or you can forfeit a challenge and take a penalty. This show never accounted for that.

    Overall, it just seems like a very poorly produced show. The premises behind the clues and everything is interesting but the contestants aren't and Captain James T Kirk jr is annoying as hell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom View Post
    I'm not sure it has yet. The second episode sucked, but I've moderately enjoyed the last two. Robot annoys, but that's not such a big deal. And I consider the calling back and forth simply a new kind of strategy that other shows haven't chosen to explore. It makes "networking" part of the game, that's all. I have minor problems with some of the nebulousness of how they determine times, when that applies, but it seems like there MUST be a system, since there doesn't seem to be much fuss over it. And I still think the casting on this show isn't bad--even the Fogels aren't as nutty as some people on other show, although yes, they have struck closest to classic "reality show villain" behavior.
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    TAR is still the superior show on so many levels, but treasure hunters is still pretty entertaining and more watchable than say, americas got talent.......

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    I've enjoyed TH this summer and would probaby watch another season if they have it again....oh who am I kidding? Of course I'd watch it! I'm addicted to reality TV!

    Having said that, I do find TH much slower moving than TAR. Some have suggested this may be due to contentants not having strong personalities, while others have said the show needs better editing. I think it's a combination of both. More "characters" would make the show more entertaining (who can forget watching the Hippies bounce around the world last season on TAR), but you have to make sure that you cast characters who will be around for awhile. The Wild Hanlons were great "characters" (albeit annoying ones), but they were out too early to draw viewers in each week to watch hopefully for their demise (Jonathan and Victoria, anyone?).

    I also agree that the editing leaves alot to be desired. While I love that the challenges make the players figure out intellectual puzzles as well as complete physically, it's a real challenge to edit "figuring out a puzzle" in an exciting way. But there has to be a better way than what they're doing now. I agree that we DON'T need to hear the clue again every time a new team gets the phone call. That bugs me to no end! But whatever it is, I don't get that same sense of thrill, anticipation and excitement that I get watching TAR.

    It will be very interesting to see what they do with a second season (and I actually do hope they do one) because this season, I've seen tons of parallels to "National Treasure" the movie. That's fine for the first time, but it won't work for long. They'll have to come up with something newer and better.

    So while I don't necessarily thing they've gone totally wrong with TH, I think they have a great deal of room for improvement.

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    I agree with vanillalatte on many points. The editing just isn't as slick and professional as TAR and seems rather amateurish. We don't get to see enough of the teams' personalities and interaction and maybe too much of the same thing when clues are given and the puzzle is solved. However, it is more intellectual and less physical than TAR, so much of the stress is brought on by the team's effort to solve a mental challenge rather than the "winning a race" element in TAR. Some of puzzles seem ridiculously simple and others perhaps a little too complex or convoluted. I like the mix of physical and mental challenges though, it tests the contestants in differing ways.

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