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Thread: NBC Treasure Challenge game

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    Thanks everyone for help solving the clues each week. I couldn't have solved them without you guys! I seriously don't know how you all figured them out but I'm glad you were here to help me. Good luck everyone!

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    Here's a excellent post I found on the NBC Board by a Steve97007. I was trying to make this point earlier but I couldn't put it so eliquently as he did.

    This is why I believe it's not the SOL, or Ft Mchenry, or the LM(though it is on the mall in DC). I only considered the circled words to figure out "Where this American Treasure is Hidden"


    The first 8 clue statements were written to tie the online game in with one of the challenges faced by the contestants each week. Beyond that, I don't think they have any significance other the red circled word in each one. If you think back, these statements were displayed at some point during each show along with the Genworth Financial name and logo and were connected with how the contestants were to solve a part of their challenge.

    1) rush to where the treasure STANDS- reference to Mount Rushmore
    2) look on the water for it is inspiration- Filling the bucket with water to read the clue under the glas dome
    3) in dark times, the words form- Turning out the lights in the classroom to read the glow in the dark message
    4) match the tune with an early drinking song- The song gave the order that they should use when going to the points on the map of the swamp
    5) mist half covers the symbol- Using the mist of the hot breath to reveal the message in the mirror
    6) in burning light, the plan is laid- Using the candles to scorch the parchment to reveal the hidden message.
    7) wipe out the colour- Wash off the painting of the street map to reveal the hidden message
    8. independence for the people- a reference to the word Liberty, which was the name of the ship and the key to the cryptex.

    I beleive that since the peices form a layout of Washington DC, we are suppose to us the key words in the clues to locate a site in Washington.

    He makes an excellent point doesn't he..


    "Where is the early symbol laid out for reef (free)?"

    Remeber they did use an anagram in one of the episodes.

    All this lead me to the SSB at the NMAH.. what do you think?

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    cricketeen, I'm sorry to hear about your father-in-law. My condolences to you and your family. I, too, missed the deadline as we were on vacation and only played the game when we got back. I can't remember the answers that I gave, although I'm pretty sure that I said "Washington, D.C." twice.

    Oh well, at least my kids and I had fun playing the game. Hopefully there's another season and I can try again. I'm going to miss the weekly challenge, though.

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    Thank you, dcamonkeys, I appreciate it. When it comes to in-laws I hit the jackpot and will really miss him.
    I had a great time playing with my two boys as well. For 10 and 12 year olds, they amazed me with their cleverness at solving the puzzles. Looking forward to more challenges next time around.

    Does anyone know when the answer and winners will be posted? I hope they don't make us wait until the final episode.
    "If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough." - Mario Andretti

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    Hey everyone. So sorry I told you all Fort McHenry. Looks like on NBC.com treasure hunters boards, the answer was the Star Spangled Banner located at the Smithosian Museum of National History. I might've spelled that wrong but oh well. The list of the top 10 winners is on there too. Thanks for all your help along the way though.

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    this was a lot of fun. I was too tired last week to complete the last clue with the folding of the triangle. What did that have to do with the clues?
    I've been trying to fold the paper in triangles, but this stumps me. And thanks for all of the help. I hope this goes for another season.

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    I may not have been one of the 10 chosen but it feels really cool to have figured out the right answer! When I read it I whooped and my husband thought I had lost my mind.

    Anyone know of any other games like this one?
    "But do you have a flag?" - Eddie Izzard

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    Bummer - I've been entering that answer since clue four. Feels good to have figured it out so early in the game, though.

    I hope it's o.k. that I cut and pasted this from the NBC.com site:

    Congratulations to the Final 10!
    Watch for them on Treasure Hunters
    Monday, August 21 9/8c

    1) Catherine G. - Newport News, VA
    2) J. Scott G. - Brandon, MS
    3) Marissa W. - Aliso Viejo, CA
    4) Gabe W. - Pleasant Grove, AZ
    5) Jeffrey M. - Baltimore, MD
    6) Helen H. - Chanute, KS
    7) Rita C. - Lakewood, CO
    8) John J. - Eugene, OR
    9) Karla M. - Clearfield, UT
    10) Luann B. - Watertown, CT

    The treasure you have been looking for is The Star Spangled Banner, located at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

    (We accepted the Smithsonian and/or The National Museum of American History as the correct answer.)
    "If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough." - Mario Andretti

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    Beginning with the 4th challenge, the drinking song one, I've been putting in the correct answer so that makes me feel good. I at least had 5 chances to win. To coincide with the televised game I'd hoped that the first 10 to put in the correct answer would win. It was then pointed out to me, by a production person none the less (ut not for this show), that because the show was done "in advance" that the fear of information leaking out to the general public from "behind the sceens" would prevent the producers from doing that. In fact he stated he would not be surprised if there were quite a few "correct" answers put in after the first challenge. So in making it more of a "lottery" draw from the correct answers, everybody had a better chance of winning.

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    help me please

    hI ,

    I understand not the challenge with the Morse code .
    I canīt read the morse code .
    Please help me .

    bye melanie

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