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Thread: NBC Treasure Challenge game

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    umm i still am not able to figure out this cryptex thing... can anyone help me, i've tried everything =(
    thanks for any help u give me

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    I am still hanging in there. I spun each dial downward starting on the left, Sun, Window with "G", Shaking hands, Apron or envelope, then trowel. I just tried to line them up across the center best I could and it popped open first try. Hope things work out for you. Blessings-Gamefan

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    I don't know why, you've tried everything.

    Make sure you are using the correct door, it is the one below the trowel not the one below the sun. The hands is the symbol between the door and envelope.

    If this still doesn't work, then try exiting NBC site. Delete cookies and clear cache, then restart puzzle. Hope this helps.
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    You've got to be kidding me!!

    I have worked for HOURS on this final night- I finally get puzzles done and get a clue that makes NO SENSE!!!! AAAHHHHHHH!!!
    Hate to be all done though- I'll miss the challenge- anyone know of other puzzle games and challenges out there?

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    I just want to keep playing! Where's the next game?

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    ok so whats after the trowel. i am stuck on the dial thing. help me plez.

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    Thanks everyone! I finally got it! I'm not sure where the Treasure is but I do belive it has something to do with the Star Spangked Banner! Maybe where it was founded? Not sure though! Again Thanks for all the help!

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    Stuck on seeing what was collected

    I have picked up the stuff from the sea, and gotten my backpack back from the sea also. How do I see what I have picked up? Nothing seems to work.

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    I need some help here....for some reason, two of my puzzle pieces are identical.....I can't figure out why or how to put them together.....Am i stupid or what?

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    do you have the wallet?

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