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Thread: Team Fogal Family

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    this is the rest of the journal from the fogal team web site:

    Imagine our shock and surprise then, after we arrived at St. Bartholomew Cathedral in London, to discover that the Geniuses were still there! We suddenly realized that maybe - just maybe - we might not end up in last place after all! Brad was convinced right from the time he entered the cathedral that heating up the parchment over the candles would produce the hidden clue. In fact, he tried everything he could think of on the paper - heat, light and smoke - but nothing seemed to work. It was the Geniuses who finally figured out that the parchment had to actually be burned in order to reveal an invisible map that led to the location in the cathedral of a hidden key. With only one artifact remaining, we worked alongside Air Force in burning our own parchments and revealing the map, and then simply followed them to their final key.

    The end of the greatest scavenger hunt in human history was so bittersweet for us! We estimate that we had traveled over 25,000 miles in nearly a month of filming from the South Seas to Europe. We simply hated having to suddenly drop out and leave this exciting hunt and fun challenge (yes, even with the swamp!). But at the same time, we were also so glad that we could move our good friends on to the next leg of the hunt. Despite what it might have looked like in the editing of the show to some viewers, our firm conviction has always been that it is the journey that is as important as the destination, and that relationships are more important than riches.

    I just added the bold to emphazise some lines.
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    Do they actually believe the positive spin they have put on their actions? I'm disgusted that they are trying to take credit for Air Force's continuation in the game. If they were following AF around waiting for them to find the last artifact, how did they end up in different parts of the church when the phones rang?

    What I do believe is that the Fogals would have told AF that they will fall on their swords at elimination time to lull them into a false sense of security only to fogal them.

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