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Thread: Andrews - Nelsons Trade Discussion Thread

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    I couldn't figure that out either, MamaC. I thought maybe she meant student loans (aren't they government-related? Stafford Loan, maybe?), but she'd have to pay them back and paying now is better than paying later. I generally took from her reaction and the boy's reaction to the college fund as a real rejection by Stephen & Doreen's kids of the notion of education. I also thought Stephen and Doreen were really disappointed in their kids' reaction.

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    I was just wondering if she was mixed up with the idea that government-backed students LOANS did not have to be paid back....or if maybe the family was low income enough to qualify for a lot of financial aid. Still it seemed that she would have to pay some sort of tuition regardless of her parents' finances. She definitely didn't seem the type to receive a full scholarship to anywhere!

    Of course this is a girl (young adult!) who has trouble understanding the concept of loans in general. Didn't she get another $2000 to actually pay back her mom?

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