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Thread: Lane - Chase Trade Discussion Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by helpmeturnitoff;2235933;
    I couldn't believe Julie's blowup at Pepper over the party. Pepper didn't make you say those things - you said them on your own, so don't blame her for your foot-in-mouth disease. And I have a hard time believing she truly changed. Yeah, she was terrified her family would see her true self but I'll bet once she realized they love her no matter what she went right back to how she was. She's obviously insecure and self-conscious and requires that feeling of superiority that being a bigot gives her.
    Well said. She seems to be a master of deflection -- say something outrageously offensive and then claim to be "attacked" when people take issue. (Ann Coulter, anyone?)

    Then she pulls out the indignant, "I'm entitled to my opinion...." Of course you are, and they were entitled to tell you you're an uninformed, judgmental blowhard. If she felt "attacked" by raised eyebrows and a few pointed yet polite questions, imagine how she'd feel if they matched her insult for insult -- Julie-style.

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    Well, where's Qboots?! I sent in an application to the show, for the sole purpose of having Julie stay home, and I be the traded mom to her house.
    Maybe they'll call, maybe they won't. But, as I told them...if God Warrior was so great for ratings and a second round, Julie is ratings gold. It would be the most explosive episodes EVAR! Ding! Ding!
    If not for Trading Spouses again, there's a reality show just clawing it's way to the surface with this woman and me.

    I watched the episode with wide eyes, and my mouth open. Shock isn't even a word to describe how I felt at the end.

    Pepper needs a purple heart. I'm glad they did this show, and I'm glad that people can see just how bad homophobia is.
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    I was just simply shocked at Julies words. I have not dealt with someone like her in years, and was simply stunned. Not only do I have many hispanic friends and acquaintances, but also of all colors and ethnic backgrounds. I just sat there with my mouth open. Then I began to get angry as she was talking to Pepper later on the steps during their walk, I was so angry I yelled at the TV. When she went back home and was worried about her family not accepting her anymore, I was secretly hoping. But I agree with the previous post by helpmeturnitoff, that once she found out they didn't toss her sorry ass out, she returned to her normal blinders view of the world. Ignorant woman.

    As for Peppers household, I felt a nice warm thing when I saw the two of them together and interacting with the kids. I wish them both many many years of happiness and good things.

    Quote Originally Posted by haejin;2235738;
    I missed the bit with the money allotment. What happened?
    I took this from the great recap by Phonegrrrl:

    Quote Originally Posted by PhoneGrrrl;2235874;
    Julie wrote her letter to Pepper, so Pepper gets to read it. Remember that Julie was all “I’m gonna get them when I divvy up the money!” so everyone’s a bit nervous. As it turns out, she did a pretty good job, allocating $2500 for a high quality keyboard and lessons for the kids, $5000 for new carpet to replace the nasty-ass Astroturf looking crap that was in the house, $4000 to re-do the kitchen, $10000 for debts, and $20000 for travel, so long as they think of her once on the vacations. Yeah, they’ll be thinking, “Thank god that crazy bitch isn’t with us!”

    We can’t expect anything less from Judy, because she’s been the most nice, level-headed person ever to have appeared on this show. She divides the money as follows: $10000 for Kaci’s schooling, $1000 to Cyndi for clothes, $5000 for Charlie for a fishing or golf trip, $24000 for bills, and $5000 for a Hawaiian vacation to celebrate Kaci’s graduation and Charlie and Julie’s 25th wedding anniversary. Let’s just hope Julie doesn’t have a problem with Hawaiians.
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    Re: Lane - Chase Trade Discussion Thread

    you know, I really love "Trading Spouses" for the way it shows people for what they are and there is no judgement, no winner, no annoying all powerful host. It just shows people doing what they do.

    I found it interesting that she didn't like hispanic people or people with downs syndrome, yet she couldn't recognise them when they were right in front of her. I think that says something about human nature and how it is easy to be afraid of something you don't understand. Often fear is expressed as hate.
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    Re: Lane - Chase Trade Discussion Thread

    Julie Chase (Oregon) is a monster.

    Instead of aborting babies with down syndrome, lets sterilize people like her so she can reproduce more little trash kids with no feelings or tolerance for people who aren't EXACTLY like her.

    I have so much respect for people like Judy and Pepper. You have set a good example. & you're much more normal than that monster and her family will EVER be!

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